Traveler Opinion Survey

The annual Traveler Opinion Survey is a written questionnaire sent as a random survey to licensed drivers in every region of the state. The survey has been done annually since 2000, and helps IDOT record and track performance and public satisfaction levels on a variety of transportation issues, including the quality of the Illinois transportation system, roadway maintenance and traffic flow, road repair and construction, traveler services, employee conduct, and other state service priorities on topical transportation issues. Participating motorists are asked a series of questions for each service area seeking ratings of IDOT services. Their responses are indexed on a five-point scale indicating level of satisfaction, from Excellent to Very Poor.

Survey results for each year are available on the IDOT website (although each survey report provides current results compared to past results), and these findings give IDOT a scientific overview of user satisfaction concerning emerging transportation needs and public expectations among Illinois drivers. Opinions and results gathered from the survey each year also highlight IDOT’s commitment to continually improve all aspects of transportation and safety services on Illinois roadways.

Printable Version of the Traveler Opinion Survey