Bridges and Structures CADD Downloads and Guidelines

The cell libraries are downloaded as self-extracting files and can only be used with MicroStation software.
The contents of the cell library files are in Adobe Acrobat format and can be viewed on screen or downloaded.  Adobe Reader is required to view these files.

The following are the guidelines and rules for CADD project data:

Navigate to Roadway CADD Downloads and Guidelines to view Roadway related CADD Resources and to download the IDOT CADD Environment. Navigate to District Standards to view specific drawings that pertain to IDOT districts.

  • Fonts:  These new FDOT fonts are included in the IDOT CADD SS4 environment in order for the text to appear correctly.  The fonts actually need to be “installed” (copied) into the Windows\fonts\ folder in order for all of the MicroStation features to work properly.

  • BridgeStyles.dgnlib:  This dgnlib should be copied to the IDOT CADD environment under the folder \IDOTCAD\StructuresStandard\DGNLIB\.  It should replace the copy of the file that resides there.  This will ensure that the correct font is used in new, empty files.



Effective Date

Download Size (MB)
pdfcelCulvert Details2/17/2017.3
pdfcelCulvert End Section Details2/17/20171.5
pdfcelSingle Box Culvert-Horizontal Cantilever Wingwalls2/17/20171.0
pdfcelSingle Box Culvert-L Type Wingwalls2/17/20171.2
pdfcelSingle Box Culvert-Sheet Pile Wingwalls2/17/20171.5
pdfcelSingle Box Culvert-Soldier Pile Wingwalls2/17/20171.5
pdfcelSingle Box Culvert-T Type Wingwalls2/17/20171.3


Please email any questions in regards to Bridges and Structures CADD Downloads and Guidelines to: Dot.bbs.comsuggest@illinois.gov

Details, Symbols and Notes

PDFCELDescriptionEffective DateDownload Size (MB)
pdfcelPatterns, symbols and full scale bridge objects2/17/20170.3
pdfcelBridge design details (not included with base sheets)2/17/20171.9
pdfcelGeneral notes for placement on GP & E2/17/20170.2
pdfcelPlanning details for TS & L and GP & E2/17/20170.9

Superstructure (General)

PDFCELDescriptionEffective DateDownload Size (MB)
pdfcelBridge Approach Slabs-Cast in Place2/17/20171.4
pdfcelBridge Approach Slabs-Precast2/17/20171.7
pdfcelBridge Vault Approach Spans2/17/20170.9

Superstructure (Steel)

PDFCELDescriptionEffective DateDownload Size (MB)
pdfcelPlate Girder Details2/17/20170.2
pdfcelSteel Beam Bearings2/17/20170.3
pdfcelSteel Expansion Abutment Diaphragms2/17/20170.3
pdfcelSteel Integral Abutment Diaphragms2/17/20170.5
pdfcelSteel Superstructure with Expansion Joints2/17/20170.7
pdfcelSteel Superstructure with Integral Abutments2/17/20170.7

Superstructure (Prestressed Girders)

PDFCELDescriptionEffective DateDownload Size (MB)
pdfcelPrestressed Superstructure with Expansion Joints2/17/20173.3
pdfcelPrestressed Superstructure with Integral Abutments2/17/20173.3
pdfcelPrestressed Expansion Abutment Diaphragms2/17/20171.0
pdfcelPrestressed Integral Abutment Diaphragms2/17/20172.3
pdfcelPrestressed Expansion Pier Diaphragms2/17/20170.7
pdfcelPrestressed Fixed Pier Diaphragms2/17/20172.5
pdfcelPrestressed Girders2/17/20171.8
pdfcelPrestressed Bearings2/17/20170.3

Superstructure (Prestressed Deck Beam)

PDFCELDescriptionEffective DateDownload Size (MB)
pdfcelPPC Deck Beam Superstructure2/17/20171.8
pdfcelPPC Deck Beams2/17/20174.4


PDFCELDescriptionEffective DateDownload Size (MB)
pdfcelDeck Beam Abutments2/17/20170.5
pdfcelIntegral Abutments2/17/20171.1
pdfcelStub Abutments2/17/20170.7
pdfcelVaulted Abutments2/17/20171.0

Sign Structures


Effective Date

Download Size (MB)
pdfcelAluminum Butterfly Sign Structures Library2/17/20171.6
pdfcelAluminum Cantilever Sign Structures Library2/17/20170.9
pdfcelAluminum Simple Span Sign Structures Library2/17/20172.0
pdfcelBreakaway Tubular Steel Signpost Library2/17/20170.2
pdfcelBreakaway Wide Flange Steel Signpost Library2/17/20170.2
pdfcelBridge Mounted Sign Structures Library2/17/20170.5
pdfcelMonotube Sign Structures Library2/17/20170.3
pdfcelSteel Cantilever Sign Structures Library2/17/20170.9
pdfcelSteel Simple Span Sign Structures Library2/17/20171.4
pdfcelSteel Trichord Sign Structures Library2/17/20170.7

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