U.S. 30 at IL 47 to Dugan Road

The Illinois Department of Transportation (Department) has initiated preliminary engineering and environmental (Phase I) studies to identify potential improvements to the U.S. 30 corridor between IL 47 on the east and Dugan Road on the west. The U.S. 30 Project is incorporating the principles of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS), designed to engage all project stakeholders in the development of cost effective transportation facilities.

The U.S. 30 Project will study potential improvements and widening of this study corridor. It is anticipated that the Project will have an 18-month schedule. The Department's preliminary engineering and environmental (Phase I) project is funded. Contract plan preparation and land acquisition (Phase II) will begin once design approval is granted. Construction (Phase III) will commence when funding is secured.

The U.S. 30 corridor project is approximately 2.6 miles in length with an eastern terminus at IL 47 and a western terminus at Dugan Road. The two side streets that intersect U.S. 30, Veterans Memorial Parkway and Municipal Drive, have project limits extending 750 feet along each segment. The two intersections at the west portion of the Project have been advanced from the overall project study, with the intersection of Dugan Road and Granart Road being undertaken by the Village of Sugar Grove, and the intersection of Dugan Road and U.S. 30 being expedited by the Department. The results of these two advanced studies will be reflected in the overall Phase I study for the Project.

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