Annual Highway Improvement Program

Each year, IDOT develops the Annual Highway Improvement Program, also referred to as the Proposed Improvements for Illinois Highways. This publication presents a more detailed account of the applicable fiscal year’s highway program element, originally presented in the related Multi-Modal Multi-Year Transportation Improvement Program. It is designed to provide an overview of the program, as well as a current listing of all projects in an effort to inform the general public and aid local transportation stakeholders and business partners in specific planning activities.


MYP projects and specifically highway projects from the Annual Highway Improvement Program can be viewed on an interactive map using IDOT’s Getting Around Illinois website. Please click here to visit the interactive map, and to view the current program’s projects.


The FY 2017 Highway Improvement Program provides $2.023 billion of the $11.173 billion included for highways in the FY 2017-2022 Proposed Highway Improvement Program. In addition, included are projects totaling $74 million that use appropriations from previous fiscal years and are scheduled to be implemented in FY 2017. As a result, the FY 2017 Highway Improvement Program totals $2.148 billion.

The FY 2017 program is financed by an estimated $1.441 billion of federal funds, $482 million of state funds and $100 million of local funds. Nearly $1.425 billion is for projects on the state highway system and $723 million is for projects on local streets and highway systems.


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