Travel Information

Illinois lies at the heart of the nation’s transportation network. Illinois businesses, residents, and visitors have access to one of the greatest multi-modal transportation systems in the nation including the second largest public transportation system, the second largest rail system, the third largest interstate system, the fourth largest highway system, and one of the busiest airport systems. The success of Illinois, its residents, businesses, and visitors relies on a safe, effective, accessible, and progressive transportation system where all modes connect in ways that improve travel options and help build communities.

Safety is our top priority at IDOT, and part of our safety challenge is to make sure that the movement of people and goods from one place to another happens smoothly and seamlessly. With a vast transportation network like this, Illinoisans and visitors have various modal options to choose from. We want to make certain that if you are on the road, regardless of whether you are a driver, trucker, motorcyclist, bicyclist, farmer, worker, or pedestrian, you share the road for everyone’s safety.

Whatever your traveling needs are, we want you to know that we at IDOT are constantly looking for ways to enrich your travel experience. We encourage you to get acquainted with information provided in this section and utilize it as you plan your next trip or vacation.