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Office of Business and Workforce Diversity

The Office of Business and Workforce Diversity oversees the implementation of directives, policies and strategies for departmental business diversity efforts. These efforts are typically designed to support efficient operations and, ultimately, advance departmental goals. The Office periodically reviews departmental efforts for compliance, with quality and governing laws, regulations and policies in mind. The Office promotes a climate of compliance with prevailing civil rights laws and minimizes departmental risk of forfeiting federal funds, litigation or administrative intervention.

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  • The Bureau of Small Business Enterprises directs the Department’s various programs for small business utilization. These programs include the federally mandated highway construction program for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE); and similar programs arising out of the state’s Business Enterprises Program for minorities, women and persons with disabilities. The Bureau also directs department-wide efforts to ensure contractor compliance with workforce utilization goals and labor wage laws and regulations.
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  • The Bureau of Civil Rights provides for the development, implementation and monitoring the departmental programs for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action (AA), federal contract compliance (Title VI) and for the handicapped (Section 504). The Bureau assists with the Department's Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprises (DBE) Program and participates in its annual planning and review process.  The Bureau also provides counseling and informational services to employees, investigates allegations of discrimination in employment and assists the Office of Chief Counsel in preparing departmental responses to the allegations.
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