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Office of Chief Counsel

The Office of Chief Counsel is responsible for providing legal counsel to the Department on both policy issues and proposed actions affecting any of its operating division or staff offices. The Office is also responsible for the prosecution of all departmental litigation in cooperation with the Attorney General. The Office of Chief Counsel administers tort liability claims, property damage claims and uncollectible receivables. It also processes lien and bond claims against contractors. In addition, the Office coordinates the purchase and service of all insurance policies and administers the Department’s self-insurance program.


Yangsu Kim - Director
Yangsu Kim -
Director Yangsu Kim was named chief counsel in June 2021. She first came to IDOT in 2017 as senior assistant chief counsel and deputy chief counsel after working in the Consumer Fraud Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

She left IDOT briefly to join leadership at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Responsibility, where she managed COVID relief efforts and served as part of the implementation team for the adult use cannabis industry.

Kim is a graduate of the University of Texas and Loyola University Chicago School of Law.


  • The Bureau of Legal Services advises other divisions and offices within the agency concerning all legal matters and represents the Department in legally related matters with the Governor’s Office, other state agencies, federal and local governmental offices and the general public. Legal Services reviews the legal aspects of the Department’s legislative program; reviews new federal and state legislation, court decisions and Attorney General’s opinions for the legal aspects of their effect on departmental operations; and drafts and negotiates contracts with outside entities.  In conjunction with the Attorney General, Legal Services directs the Department’s position and strategy in all major judicial and administrative proceedings.
  • The Bureau of Claims represents the Department in the areas of property claims, third party torts, uncollected accounts receivable, claims against contractor performance and payment bonds and liens against public funds, including the processing and pretrial preparation of actions filed against the Department in the Court of Claims. The Bureau is responsible for the administration of risk management for the Department including coordinating insurance purchases, managing self-insurance programs and approving indemnity or hold harmless agreements in various contracts.