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Engineers Week 2022

Every year in February we participate in Engineers Week. Founded in 1951, this week is an opportunity for us to show how IDOT engineers make Illinois the transportation hub of North America. It also helps encourage a new generation of engineers to join this critical field and to promote a diverse engineering workforce.

This year we are highlighting eight IDOT engineers, including Secretary Omer Osman, who give insights on their career in this field.

Illinois Secretary of Transportation Omer Osman

“The impact of our engineers is immediate and visible. Construction can be difficult on the public, but the end result is you have improved someone’s quality of life. That can be very satisfying and rewarding.”

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Clare Dietz, Civil Engineer

“Teamwork is a huge part of our job. Working alone makes tasks harder, especially since a lot of our tasks require more than one person! There’s always someone who’s worked on a similar project or task that you can ask for help and learn from.”

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Issam Rayyan, Project Implementation Engineer</strong

“No two projects are ever the same. Because of the diverse nature of IDOT projects, you will always have opportunities to learn new things. Dealing with hundreds of projects of all sizes that impact everyday life is challenging yet rewarding.”

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Michael Roberts, Assistant Airport Construction Engineer

“I enjoy the day-to-day variety. It’s rare that I do the same thing for more than a couple of days in a row. Because there isn’t much lag time between finishing a task and seeing how it affects the project, I see the impact of my work almost instantly.”

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Junior Senat, Operations Engineer

“Having good relationships with your coworkers is very important because it’s always good to listen to different ideas. That’s how good engineering projects come about listening, taking different ideas and narrowing them down to a goal and objective.”

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Filiberto Sotelo, Engineering Policy Unit Chief

“One of my favorite parts of my job is when I’m able to help solve difficult policy issues or give guidance where there may not be a straightforward solution. I rely on my engineering judgment and experience to help me provide the best practical solution.”

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Michael Spanberger II, Geometrics Engineer

“Every project involves many stakeholders and constraints, much like a puzzle with many pieces. It is our job to assemble those pieces into a product that improves your safety and quality of life. From concept to ribbon-cutting, we strive for projects that the citizens of Illinois can be proud of.”

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Shelby Williams, Civil Engineer Trainee Inspector

“My past three internships made me realize that I wanted to work at IDOT. I loved every internship that I had. After my final one, I knew I wanted to work for IDOT and applied for multiple positions. Working for IDOT also allowed me the opportunity to stay close to my family.”

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