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IDOT website now features Google Translate

The Bureau of Information Processing, working in conjunction with the Office of the Secretary, Civil Rights Bureau and Office of Communications, has added the ability to translate text and documents on its website into more than 109 different languages using Google Translate.

Distributed System Manager Patrick Fugate and System Architect Akintola Odubiro, both with the Bureau of Information Processing, Deputy Secretary of Administration Margaret van Dijk and Civil Rights Bureau Chief Carlos Ramirez were all instrumental to the success of the project.

The new service will help IDOT expand its reach into the global marketplace by offering people in Illinois and throughout the world information in their native language.

“This accessibility will extend the reach of IDOT messages and information and allow the public to better understand how to communicate with us,” Fugate said. “This could extend to real-time information concerning weather-related events, as well as construction and safety issues. It can also extend our services to underserved communities by making it easier for communities to understand what we do, the services we provide and how to request them.”

To access the translation function, click the “Select Language” box near the top right-hand side of the page and choose your desired language.