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2021 Fall Planning Conference Agenda

Session 1 -- Thursday, 10/14, 2-3:30 pm -- Welcome Session

Moderator:  Ken Runkle
Presenters:  Omer Osman, Holly Bieneman, David Snyder (FHWA)

Invited to share pertinent agency, office, and bureau updates

Session 2 -- Tuesday, 10/19, 1-3 pm – Active Transportation

Moderator:  Lee Ann Prather
Presenters:  Heather Schady & Crispina Ojeda Simmons & Anthony Corso, Dave Simmons, Sarah Simmons, Christina Whitehouse

The Active Transportation session will discuss community engagement and efforts to not only increase access to Illinois' active transportation network, but how to also provide safe, easy and enjoyable use of the available accommodations.

Session 3 -- Thursday, 10/21, 1-3 pm -- Transit

Moderator:  Shane Cullen
Presenters:  Kathryn Shackelford, Reema Abi-Akar

Microtransit is revolutionizing mobility across the nation.  This panel will use multiple case studies and first-hand experience to explore how this innovative mobility solution can address transit deserts across the nation.

Session 4 -- Tuesday, 10/26, 1-3 pm -- Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Moderator:  Sheleda Doss
Presenters:  Matthew Yoder, Steve Schilke, Jessica Feliciano, Lindsay Hollander

DEI principles and plans encompass the symbiotic relationship, philosophy, and culture of recognizing, embracing, supporting, and accepting those of all racial, sexual, gender, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Session 5 -- Thursday, 10/28, 1-3 pm -- Resiliency and Ports

Moderator:  Chris Schmidt
Presenters:  Gena McCullough, Laura Heckel, Christopher Schmidt, Zach DeVeau and Tom Gibson, and Dennis Wilmsmeyer

Resiliency Panel Discussion:  IDOT Aviation System Plan and Economic Impact Study Update and America’s Central Port District

Session 6 -- Tuesday, 11/2, 1-3 pm -- Modelling and the Future

Moderator:  Ken Runkle
Presenters:  Dr. Sybil Derrible, Sheng Chen

  • The Future of Transportation in Illinois: Depopulation, Impacts of COVID-19; and Integration with other Infrastructure Systems - Presentation 
    Dr. Sybil Derrible
  • Leveraging the Illinois Statewide Travel Demand Model to Simulate Economic Impacts with REMI TranSight - Presentation
    Sheng Chen
  • Recording link:  https://youtu.be/CujAgAOo4uA