Multi-Year Plan Outreach Meetings


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FY 2017 - 2022 Proposed Highway Improvement Program (MYP) 
Outreach Meetings

IDOT is seeking input into the development of the Proposed Highway Improvement Program (MYP). 

This year’s outreach effort included two webinars.  The webinars include information on how IDOT selects projects, how projects are prioritized, and how IDOT is intending to move forward with performance measures.

The webinars were held October 25th at 5:30PM and October 27th at 6:00PM. 

Please review the webinars and information below.

Event-Related Documents

Please note that the information presented in this page only showcases the FY 2017-2022 Proposed Highway Improvement Program. To access event information from previous programs, please contact Christopher Schmidt at