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Material Approvals

As part of the implementation of the Transportation Improvement program the Department is required to have an inspection and material testing program. IDOT is responsible for establishing policies and procedures that provide for the quality assurance of materials used in highway projects. Material Suppliers and Producers can utilize the left hand navigation menu or links below to learn more.

Materials-01.jpgProducer/Supplier Approval

Producer/Suppliers interested in providing materials to be used in IDOT construction projects must obtain approval from IDOT. Please navigate to the Producer/Supplier Approval page to learn more.

Materials_04.jpgExperimental Features

Generally, an Experimental Feature is defined as a material, process, method, equipment item, traffic operational device, or other feature which: (1) has not yet been sufficiently tested under actual field and operational conditions to merit acceptance without reservations in normal highway construction; or (2) has been accepted, but needs to be compared with alternative acceptable features to determine relative merits and cost effectiveness. 

Materials-03.jpgApproved Testing Laboratories

There are approximately 25 external laboratories approved to conduct tests on behalf of IDOT. To become an approved lab please gain consultant prequalification/approval through the Consultant Prequalification process, for assistance contact Mark Gawedzinski at (217) 782-2799.

Materials-02.jpgIDOT Material Labs

To ensure that quality materials are used in highway projects, IDOT maintains a system of sampling, testing, documentation, and reporting of test results. This section supplies the required forms, manuals and guides needed to comply with agency policies, and specifications and also houses qualified products lists by material laboratory. To learn more please select the appropriate lab: