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DBE Reimbursement Program

IDOT offers 50% reimbursement to qualifying firms while funds are available. Eligible DBEs are allotted one reimbursement per quarter. DBEs are capped at a total of $1,500 per year, and funding is not guaranteed.

Qualifying criteria for DBEs

Firms certified through IDOT can apply to be reimbursed for purchases already made in specific categories:

  • Association/organization membership costs
  • Training or certification class
  • Website, capability statement, logo*
  • Audited financial statement
  • Estimating software (every two years)
  • Accounting software (with payroll component)

*Vendor used for this category must also be an Illinois-certified DBE

Enrich your business with these limited-time funds

Opportunities are limited, and this program is only offered while funds are available. We advise firms to not make any purchases under the assumption that reimbursement is guaranteed. 

Click here for a helpful Reimbursement Checklist to guide IDOT-certified DBE firms through the application process.