DBE Supportive Services


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DBE Supportive Services

It is IDOT’s goal to provide assistance to DBE firms and individuals interested in doing business with the department in ways that ensure equity, access, and transparency. IDOT, in accordance with federal guidelines, strives to facilitate and implement programs that can help current and future business partners open the door to doing business with us.

The department works towards this goal in a variety of ways, most notably through the tools available at our Resource Centers, the Supportive Services Program that is executed through our partnerships with consultants who provide management and technical supportive services assistance, and corresponding supportive services programs that fall under the umbrella Supportive Services Program. This support is provided at no charge to IDOT’s DBE firms, to firms seeking IDOT DBE certification, to IL UCP DBE certified firms who have an IDOT contract, and to prime contractors doing business with IDOT.  For a printable flyer on Supportive Services Brochure click here.

For questions regarding the Supportive Services Program, email DOT.SupportiveServices@illinois.gov

Please navigate the tabs below for more information. We hope you take advantage of these resources. If you are interested in becoming an IDOT certified DBE, please visit our DBE Certification webpage.

Firms seeking to do buisness with IDOT can access Resource Centers in every IDOT district statewide.  Resource Centers provide access to Internet, computers, printers and scanners for DBE firms conducting business with IDOT.  Supportive Services consultants utilize the Resource Centers to host a variety of workshops, networking sessions and to provide one-on-one assistance. 

Reimbursement Program

As of October 1, 2016, IDOT has added a Reimbursement component to its Supportive Services Program. IDOT Certified DBE firms can be eligible to be reimbursed for costs incurred in certain categories. Click HERE for more information on what is eligible for reimbursement.

Click HERE for the Reimbursement Checklist to assist IDOT certified DBE firms in completing the reimbursement process.

*This program is available to firms only while funds are available and all requests are not guaranteed reimburseable.



IDOT's Bureau of Small Business Enterprises, Policy & Supportive Services Unit strives to bring new and innovative workshops, seminars, and informative webinars to the public to assist them in doing business with IDOT, developing skills to becoming more competitive on IDOT projects, and to be aware of policy and procedure changes.  Each District hosts a variety of workshops, events, and other initiatives to provide opportunities to assist firms in developing their skills, knowledge, and capabilities, to do the best work, while working with IDOT. 

Management Assistance

Supportive Services provides assistance with bonding, financing, financial planning, credit restoration, accounting systems, and business plans are available to IDOT DBEs. Services provides assistance with bonding, financing, financial planning, credit restoration, accounting systems, and business plans are available to IDOT DBEs.

An Intake Interview must be completed prior to being approved for one-on-one assistance.  Please contact the Bureau of Small Business Enterprises at 217-782-5490 to find out more information or click here for a flyer.

Technical Assistance

Supportive Services provides assistance with estimating and bidding, project site inspections, prequalification assistance, and equipment/resources are available to IDOT DBEs and DBE firms certified in the IL UCP working on IDOT projects.

An Intake Interview must be completed prior to being approved for one-on-one assistance.  Please contact the Bureau of Small Business Enterprises at 217-782-5490 to find out more information or click here for a flyer.

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Business Development Program

Applications for FFY 2018 will open after November 1, 2017.  Please check back at that time.  

Highway Construction Careers Training Program

IDOT administers the Highway Construction Careers Training Program through community colleges throughout the Department's nine districts.  This program is designed to increase the total number of historically underutilized individuals working on IDOT highway construction projects.  Participants in the program have an opportunity to learn highway construction industry trade and life skills including specialized math, blueprint reading, OSHA certification, and utilization of highway construction tools. 

The Code of Federal Regulations (23 CFR 230 Subpart A) defines an equal opportunity program on federal aid projects as this, “supportive services means those services provided in connection with approved on-the-job training programs for highway con-struction workers and highway contractors which are designed to increase the overall effectiveness of training programs through the performance of functions determined to be necessary in connection with such programs, but which are not generally consid-ered as comprising part of actual on-the-job craft training”. IDOT developed from this federal regulation, the Highway Construction Careers Training Program.

Please visit the HCCTP webpage for more information on this program.

Mentor Protégé Program

The Construction / Consultant Mentor Protégé Program centers on business collaborations between mentor firms and protégé firms (DBE certified socially and economically disadvantaged businesses) to provide developmental assistance to enhance the pro-tégé’s business and technical capabilities to do more complex work.

Please visit our Mentor Protégé webpage for more information.

DBE Working Capital Revolving Loan Program

In September 2013, IDOT launched the DBE Working Capital Revolving Loan Program. Currently, the Department is working to restructure the program and secure a new escrow agent to distribute funds. For more information, contact the SBE Office at 217-782-5490.

Target Market Program

The Target Market Program seeks to provide procurement opportunities for minority and women-owned firms to bid as prime contractors and is aimed to further diversity in the IDOT Construction Program.

Please visit our Target Market Program webpage for more information.

Note: this is a state only program.

Annual Conferences

IDOT’s annual “Today’s Challenge, Tomorrow’s Reward” (TCTR) Conference provides opportunities for DBEs and subcontractors to network with prime contractors and acquire information on programs, policy changes, strategic networking, and much more.

The next TCTR Conference will be held March 25 - 26, 2019 at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield, IL.

Please click here for more information on TCTR.


Save the Date for TCTR March 25 - 26, 2019 in Springfield, IL. If you have any questions, please contact the Bureau of Small Business Enterprises at (217) 782 - 5490


Visit IDOT’s Events webpage to view upcoming IDOT events that are held across the state. You can also visit a pre-filtered event webpage that includes any events related to doing business with the department, please click here.

SBE Exchange Newsletter

Please click here to read IDOT’s SBE Exchange newsletter.

* - The daily worksheet is something that can be used to track daily activities. After saving the file, the firm should put their company name on it. It can be adjusted to the firm however necessary, it is just a sample.