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Illinois has the second largest rail system in the nation.  In all, 41 railroads provide service throughout the state, and from Illinois to every part of the nation.  About 500 freight trains (totaling about 37,500 freight cars) and 700 passenger trains including commuter lines, pass through Chicago every day. Chicago is also the Midwest hub for Amtrak passenger rail service, serving as the transfer point for 10 regional and transcontinental routes. With the one of the nation’s first high-speed rail services running in Illinois, the state will be able to reap many benefits.  The service will link communities across Illinois by attracting tourism and increasing mobility options for Illinoisans and will support the diverse economy of the state

An efficient and innovative rail system and infrastructure addresses the transportation needs of the state and improves safety for Illinois even as it helps create global investment opportunities involving Illinois’ manufacturing industries and plants. This creates advantages in agriculture, financial and mercantile, and transportation and logistics industries throughout Illinois.