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Illinois 92 from Illinois 84 in East Moline to 48th Street in Moline

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) initiated this Phase 1 engineering study for Illinois 92 in 2021. The project is examining transportation needs and solutions for the project corridor and will utilize public input to help define those needs and recommended solutions.

The project seeks to uphold guiding principals that were developed as part of a previously completed study of the Illinois 92 corridor throughout the bi-state region:

Principal 1: The Illinois 92 corridor should serve to effectively connect primary land uses, employers, institutions, neighborhoods, and other destinations in a safe, efficient, and context sensitive manner. The corridor shall accommodate traffic from a multimodal perspective, including automobiles, trucks, pedestrians, bicycles, and transit.

Principal 2: The Illinois 92 corridor should be designed to facilitate both current and future transportation, economic, and land use demands.

Principal 3: The Illinois 92 corridor should convey a regional “brand” while maintaining the local, unique identify to each community along the corridor. Additionally, the roadway should strive to be a signature street emblematic of the Quad Cities as a whole.

During Phase I of the project, IDOT will do the following:

  • Evaluate several potential proposed intersection and roadway cross section reconfigurations and improvements
  • Consider realignment of horizontal and vertical profiles
  • Evaluate bicycle and pedestrian accommodation options in conjunction with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Evaluate storm sewer design, address drainage concerns, and investigate culvert rehabilitation or replacement
  • Identify utility conflicts and relocation needs
  • Evaluate public transit improvements
  • Investigate suitable roadway lighting and streetscape elements
  • Determine right-of-way needs for proposed improvements

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