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U.S. 6 Study from Ashton Road to Illinois 47 in Morris


The U.S. 6 project is in the city of Morris in Grundy County. The study limits include U.S. 6 (Bedford Road) beginning west of Ashton Road and extending east to Illinois 47, over 2 miles. 

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U.S. 6 is the primary east-west corridor through Morris. The purpose of the study is to provide safe and efficient transportation for all users. The scope of work includes:

  • Reconstruction of U.S. 6
  • Improvement of the drainage system
  • Additional pedestrian and motorist safety improvements

To improve mobility, IDOT will perform a traffic analysis of the entire corridor. It is anticipated that IDOT may need to add an additional traffic lane in each direction. The consultant will perform traffic signal warrants for minor stop-controlled intersections to determine if any additional signalized intersections are required within the corridor. Intersections along U.S. 6 will be reviewed for safety and operational improvements:

  • Lakewood Drive
  • Union Street
  • Lisbon Road (County Highway 27)
  • Lisbon Street
  • U.S. 6 (Bedford Road) /Illinois 47 (Division Street)

The consultant will identify construction methods and sequences that will minimize motorists’ inconvenience during construction of this improvement by preparing a Preliminary Transportation Management Plan for the project.

The consultant also will review the potential environmental impacts of each proposed alternative to determine if impacts can be avoided or minimized. A noise study is also anticipated and will follow the IDOT’s Highway Traffic Noise Assessment Manual requirements. Tree surveys will be prepared to document the location and size of trees within the proposed right of way along with the reason that it must be removed or if it can remain.

The Phase I study will culminate with the development of a Combined Design Report that considers information from public involvement, comments from IDOT and other agencies which may impact the project.

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