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County Engineers and Local Public Agencies

Localsw-02.jpgLocal public agencies (LPAs) are an important partner in transforming transportation at the local level. IDOT assists, guides, and directs LPAs in the accomplishment of multi-modal (highway, rail, pedestrian, and bicycle) activities to promote safety, economic development, job creation, and quality of life. This includes establishing highway design standards, policies, and procedures for the distribution and expenditure of federal, state, and motor fuel tax funds; assisting in planning, financing, design, construction and maintenance,and integrating LPA programs and projects with IDOT programs; and monitoring departmental relations with LPAs. We believe enhancing and strengthening our partnership with local agencies is important as we Transform Transportation for Tomorrow.

Per 605 ILCS 5/5-205.8, county engineers/superintendent of highways shall be regarded as deputy to IDOT. Therefore, Secured Access to IL DOT Web Applications has been provided.

Business Information

We recognize your time is important. This section of the website allows you to quickly access information you need to do business with IDOT. Please utilize the Resources tab for a comprehensive listing of forms, manuals, and guides.

For your convenience and to further ensure transparency, details on the project development and implementation process, including Motor Fuel Tax information are available on the LPA Project Development and Implementation webpage.

Funding Programs

Funds to local governments are available for infrastructure improvements, project studies, economic development and technical support. For a high level overview, please view the Local Programming Matrix. For more detailed information, please select a program below:

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Technology Transfer (T2)

The department provides the latest state of the art technology in the areas of roads and bridges by translating the technology into terms understood by local and state highway or transportation personnel through the Technology Transfer Center (T2).

Stay Connected

The Bureau of Local Roads and Streets (BLRS) subscription service for local agencies allows information to be sent out electronically and reduce the number of mailings sent from BLRS. This service is used to provide general information - In an effort to reduce the number of mailings and the amount of information sent to local agencies, some items are not sent out as circular letters. Rather, they are disseminated through local agency committee meetings. The subscription service will provide a convenient, efficient way of issuing this information in addition to committee meetings. It will also do the following:

  • Issue BLRS’ Informational Circular Letters.
  • Issue BLRS’ Procedure Memorandums
  • Notify users of changes to LR Special Provisions and BLR Forms
  • Notify users of funding opportunities
  • Distribute the Illinois Technology Transfer Center’s newsletter, training program, and updates

The service is an open list; therefore, local agency and consultant employees need to register in order to receive information electronically. A valid e-mail address and internet access are required to register for the service. In order to subscribe, you must fill out all required fields marked with a red asterisk. If you create a password, you will be able to manage your account and update your e-mail address.

If you have questions or problems concerning the service please contact the Local Policy and Technology Unit at


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