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Transportation Research

Research is a catalyst for innovation. IDOT has been a leader in transportation research for more than a century, bringing the traveling public out of the mud and onto hard-surface roads in the 1910s, pioneering the scientific study of road design at the Bates Experimental Road Project between Springfield and New Berlin in the early 1920s, and serving as a host state to the interstate highway era with what was then called the American Association of State Highway Officials and their road test loop near Ottawa in the late 1950s. Today, research impacts all aspects of work at IDOT, providing innovative, evidence-based improvements, ideas and solutions that help provide a cost-effective, efficient and safe transportation system that is consistent in quality and reliability for all of Illinois.


To that end, IDOT is involved in all areas of transportation research, including research for construction, environment, operations and maintenance, pavements and materials, planning, public and multi-modal transportation, safety, and bridge structures. Research needs are managed using state and federal funds and in-house oversight expertise in collaboration with our transportation stakeholders and academic partners.  One such long-standing partnership, dating to July 1941, involves IDOT and the state's flagship university, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. This cooperative relationship proved to be of such value to Illinois that, in 2005, an expanded research program was developed through the creation of the Illinois Center for Transportation. This innovative partnership helps IDOT initiate more timely and effective transportation research, and enables IDOT managers and engineers to interact with world-class researchers on solutions to complex, often longstanding transportation problems. The goal of such research, ultimately, is to implement transformative solutions for the state of Illinois.

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Research Reports & Publications

By conducting extensive research, implementing what we learn, and sharing the outcomes with our stakeholders, IDOT prudently utilizes available state and federal research dollars to find solutions to transportation challenges that yield a high return on taxpayer investments. The research program benefits IDOT along with countless other local, state and national agencies facing similar challenges, but with fewer resources to devote to research. The improvements provided by such research ultimately benefit all travelers by ensuring a safer, smoother, more expedient journey, using taxpayer dollars as efficiently as possible. Please take a moment to view our research reports and publications online! Documents include:

Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT)

Under a cooperative agreement with IDOT and the University of Illinois, the ICT has conducted IDOT’s contract research since 2005.

Illinois Transportation Research Center (ITRC) Reports

A Public-Private-University cooperative transportation research effort underwritten by the IDOT Office of Planning and Programming, ITRC conducted research in all modes of transportation between 1991 and 2004. Along with IDOT, the following universities were sponsors of the ITRC:

Bradley University, DePaul University, Eastern Illinois University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Illinois at Springfield, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Western Illinois University

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DateTitleReport No.
1994.07.01Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) MixturesIB-H1 FY92.pdf
1994.10.01VFR Lighted Flyways in the TCA EnvironmentVC-A1 FY92.pdf
1994.12.01Concepts and Practices for Considering General Aviation Airport Pavement Performance and LongevityIA-A1 FY92.pdf
1994.12.01Effectiveness of Incentive Disincentive Contract ProvisionsID-H1 FY93.pdf
1995.03.01Analysis of Rules and Regulations for Steel Coil Truck TransportVB-H1 FY93.pdf
1996.05.01Use of Life-Cycle Costs in Bridge Planning and DesignIA-H1 FY92.pdf
1996.05.01Waterway Systems Traffic AnalysisIIA-W1 FY93.pdf
1997.01.01Status Study of Comprehensive and Relevant Driver EducationVA-H1 FY94.pdf
1998.03.01Construction Loads and VibrationsIA-H1 FY94.pdf
1998.05.01Accelerated Testing of Separation Layers for Open-Graded Drainage LayersIB-H1 FY94.pdf
1998.07.01Evaluation of Bridge Deck Delamination MethodsIC-H1 FY95-96.pdf
1998.09.01Stream Channel Migration Effects on Bridge Approaches and ConveyanceIA-H5 FY94.pdf
1999.03.01Non-Work and Off-Peak Trips by Transit, Walk and Bicycle ModesIIIB-H1 FY95-96.pdf
1999.04.01Evaluation of Reflective Crack Control PolicyIA-H1 FY95-96.pdf
1999.06.01Evaluation of Washington Aggregate Fracture Test for D-CrackingIA-H2 FY95-96.pdf
1999.06.01Policies for Use of Changeable Message Signs in Highway Work Zones June 1999VE-H2 FY97.pdf
1999.10.01Carbon Monoxide Analysis for Highway ProjectsIIIA-H1 FY97.pdf
1999.10.01Development and Evaluation of VFR Lighted Flyways in Chicago TCAVC-A1 FY95-96.pdf
1999.11.01Evaluation of Service Life of Noise Barrier WallsIIB-H1 FY97.pdf
1999.12.01Acoustics of Sound Transmission Over Noise Barrier WallsIII-H2 FY97.pdf
2000.08.01Comparison of Interstate vs. Illinois Intrastate CMV Safety InspectionVB-H1 FY98.pdf
2000.09.01Evaluation of Expected Accident Frequency Formulas for Rail-Highway CrossingsVC-HR1 FY98.pdf
2000.10.01Computer-Aided Scheduling and Dispatching System ImpactsIVA-H1 FY98.pdf
2000.12.01Friction Bearing Design of H-PilesIA-H3 FY94.pdf
2001.02.01Traffic Control Systems in Construction Work ZonesVD-H1 FY97.pdf
2001.08.01Development of Information on Intermodal Safety Issues In IllinoisVB-H2 FY98.pdf
2002.01.01Evaluation of Episodic and Seasonal Emission Controls for Transportation in IllinoisIIIA-H1 FY99.pdf
2002.02.01Experimental Evaluation of Full Depth Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridge DeckIB-H1 FY98.pdf
2002.07.01Evaluation of Methodology for Determining Truck Vehicle Miles Traveled in IllinoisIVA-H1 FY99.pdf
2002.08.01Determinants of Motor Vehicle Fatalities and Fatality Rates in IllinoisVA-H1 FY99.pdf
2002.11.01Evaluation of Elastomeric Bridge Bearings for Seismic DesignIA-H1 FY99.pdf
2003.02.01Nighttime Construction Evaluation of Worker Safety IssuesVD-H2 FY00-01.pdf
2003.05.01Carbon Monoxide Analysis for Highway Projects Phase IIIIIA-H1 FY97.pdf
2003.08.01Nighttime Construction Evaluation of Lighting for Highway Construction in IllinoisVD-H1 FY00-01.pdf
2003.12.01Evaluation of Construction Work Zone Operational Issues Capacity, Queue, and DelayIVA-H1 FY00-01.pdf
2004.06.01Detection of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) in Bituminous MixturesIA-H1 FY02.pdf
2004.06.01Developing Long Range Traffic Projection Models for IllinoisIVA-H1 FY03.pdf
2004.06.01Evaluation of Bridge Inspection and Assessment in IllinoisIVD-H1 FY00-01.pdf
2004.06.01Evaluation of Comprehensive Seismic Design of Bridges In Illinois (LRFD)IA-H12 FY02.pdf
2004.06.01Rural Public Transportation Brokerage in IllinoisIVA-T1 FY02

Physical Research Reports (PRR)

PRR represent the results of research conducted by IDOT subject-matter experts on a wide variety of transportation issues since 1964.  For more information about how to create or submit a PRR, please contact the Bureau of Reseach

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PRR No.Title

PRR #001

 AASHO Road Test Equations Applied to the Design of Bituminous Pavements in Illinois

PRR #002

 AASHO Road Test Equations Applied to the Design of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements in Illinois

PRR #003

 Slip-Form Paving with Mesh and Dowels in Illinois

PRR #004

 Evaluation of Welded Wire Fabric in Bituminous Concrete Resurfacing

PRR #005

 Some Tests of Studded Tires in Illinois

PRR #006A

 An Interim Report on The Use of Water-Reducing Admixtures in CRCP on the Southwest Expressway

PRR #007A

 Evaluation of Synopal Aggregate as a Paving Material

PRR #008A

 Evaluation of a Hot-Poured Elastic Type Joint Sealer for Sealing Pavement-Paved Shoulder Interface Joint

PRR #009

 Drilled-Hole Lime Treatment of Fill on Route Illinois 148 in Williamson County, Illinois

PRR #010A

 Evaluation of the Cutler R-1000 Repaver and the Repaving Process on an MFT Maintenance Resurfacing Project by the City of Wheaton

PRR #011A

 Evaluation of Soil Retention Blanket in the Control of Erosion on Slopes and in Channels

PRR #012A

 Evaluation of SA-1 (Stabilizing Agent-1) in the Reconstruction of a Township Road by Adams County

PRR #013

 Safety of Metal Studded Tires on Bare Pavement Surfaces

PRR #014

 Bridge Deck Deterioration Study First Progress Report

PRR #015A

 Interim Report on An Investigation for Determination of 85 Percentile Operating Speed of Motor Vehicles on Illinois Highways

PRR #016A

 Use of Water-Reducing Admixture in CRPCC Pavement in Interstate Route 57

PRR #017

 A Twenty-Year Report on the Illinois Continuously Reinforced Pavement

PRR #018

 A Study of Blowups in Rigid Pavements in Illinois

PRR #019

 Paved Shoulder Problem - Stevenson Expressway

PRR #020

 A Uniform System for County Road Identification and Rural House Numbering

PRR #021

 Experimental Use of Urethane Foam Insulation to Control Bridge Deck Icing

PRR #022

 Design Coefficients for Lime-Soil Mixtures

PRR #023

 Selection and Design of a Skid Tester

PRR #024

 Experimental Paved Shoulders on Frost Susceptible Soils

PRR #025

 Interim Report - Lime Stabilization of Bridge Cones

PRR #026

 Evaluation of a Flexible Pavement in Illinois

PRR #027

 Portland Cement Concrete Shoulders

PRR #028

 Lean Mix Concrete Base Widening

PRR #029

 A Comparative Field Investigation of Wind Loads on Louvered and Solid Highway Signs

PRR #030

 Thickness Design Procedure for Bituminous Resurfacing of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

PRR #031

 Interim Report - TFE Expansion Bearings for Bridges

PRR #032

 Vehicle-in-Motion Weighing Experiment at Restored AASHO Road Test Facility

PRR #033

 Route US 66 Condition Survey

PRR #034A

 Interim Report A Field Experiment with Mineral Fillers

PRR #035A

 Performance Evaluation of Bituminous Shoulders for Resurfaced Pavement

PRR #036

 Traffic Evaluation for Illinois Pavement Design

PRR #037

 Performance of Lake County Inverted Flexible Pavement

PRR #038

 Induced Trench Method of Culvert Installation

PRR #039

 Experimental Paved Shoulders on Frost Susceptible Soils

PRR #040

 Field Evaluation of a Viatec Axle Weight Analyzer

PRR #041

 Interim Report Modification and Calibration of the Illinois Skid Test System Second Interim Report on Lime Stabilization of Bridge Cones

PRR #043

 Condition of Longitudinal Steel in Illinois Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements

PRR #044

 Skid-Resistant Characteristics of Experimental Bituminous Surfaces in Illinois

PRR #046

 An Analysis of 1972 Roadometer Tests on New Pavement Surfaces in Illinois

PRR #047

 Summary Analysis -  "Before" Study Data Collection for the I-80 Motorist Aid Communication System

PRR #048

 Final Report Lime Stabilization of Bridge Cones

PRR #049

 Traffic Evaluation for Secondary and Local Pavement Design

PRR #050

 A Study of the AASHO Road Test - Phase 2 - Evaluation and Application of the AASHO Road Test Results

PRR #051

 The Rehabilitated AASHO Road Test, Part 1 - Materials and Construction

PRR #052

 Linseed Oil Retreatments to Control Surface Deterioration of Concrete Bridge Decks

PRR #053

 Effect of Internal Vibration of Portland Cement Concrete During Paving

PRR #054

 Interim Report Highway Insulating Material Evaluation

PRR #055

 Construction Experience with CRC Pavements in Illinois

PRR #056

 Skid-Resistant Characteristics of Existing Pavements in Illinois

PRR #058

 Evaluation of different Types of Sand Drains

PRR #059

 Development of Data-Acquisition System for Stress History Studies of Highway Bridges

PRR #060

 A Strategy for Reducing Wet Pavement Accidents in Illinois

PRR #061

 Calibration of Illinois Roadometers

PRR #062

 I-80 Motorist Aid Communication System

PRR #063

 Modification of the BPR-Type Roadometer

PRR #064

 Highway Insulating Material Evaluation

PRR #065

 Factors Influencing the Riding Quality of New Pavement Surfaces in Illinois

PRR #066

 Investigation of Bridge Approach Spans to Poplar Street Bridge

PRR #067

 An Investigation of the Smoothness Characteristics of Highway Pavement Surfaces

PRR #068

 Implementation Package - Illinois Modification of the BPR-Type Roadometer

PRR #069

 Zinc Anodes to Control Bridge Deck Deterioration

PRR #070

 An investigation of Granulated Calcined Clay in Landscaping

PRR #071

 TFE Expansion Bearings for Highway Bridges

PRR #072

 Terminal Treatments for Illinois Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements

PRR #073

 Friction Characteristics of Illinois Pavements

PRR #074

 PCC Pavement Texturing in Illinois

PRR #075

 Behavior of Contraction Joints in the Rehabilitated AASHO Test Road

PRR #076

 Performance of Pavement Test Sections in the Rehabilitated AASHO Test Road

PRR #077

 A Study of the AASHO Road Test, Phase 1 - Performance of Rehabilitated AASHO Test Road

PRR #078

 Behavior of Plain PCC Pavement with Skewed Joints Randomly Spaced

PRR #079

 Storm Sewer Plastic Pipe Evaluation

PRR #080

 Continuously Reinforced Concrete Overlays on Existing Portland Cement Concrete Pavement

PRR #081

 Construction and Instrumentation of Induced Trench Experiment Under High Fill

PRR #082

 Behavior of Experimental CRC Pavements in Illinois

PRR #083

 Effect of Subbase Type and Subsurface Drainage on Behavior of CRC Pavements

PRR #084

 Final Summary Report of CRC Pavement in Illinois

PRR #085

 Evaluation of Incident Detection Algorithms

PRR #086

 Results of Bridge Deck Condition Surveys and Corrosion Rate Determination

PRR #087

 Investigation of Trunnion Failures Involving Movable Vertical Lift Bridges

PRR #088

 An Evaluation of Engineering Fabric in Pavement Rehabilitation

PRR #089

 Evaluation of Longitudinal Steel in Illinois CRC Pavements

PRR #090

 A Summary of the Illinois Skid-Accident Reduction Program - 1964-1980

PRR #091

 Implementation Package - Emulsified Asphalt-Aggregate Mixtures - Mix Design and Design Coefficients

PRR #092

 Field Evaluation of Microwave Patching System Re-evaluation of Different Types of Sand Drains

PRR #094

 Bridge Deck Condition Survey

PRR #095

 A Study of PCC Pavement Texturing characteristics in Illinois

PRR #096

 Evaluation of Two Isolated Responsive Ramp Control Tactics

PRR #097

 Lime-Modified Soil to Increase Subgrade Stability

PRR #098

 Crack Control of Pozzolanic Bases

PRR #099

 A Summary of the Illinois Skid-Accident Reduction Program March 1980-March 1984

PRR #100

 Bridge Deck Condition Survey Phase V Long Term Performance Evaluation

PRR #101

 Performance Evaluation of Concrete Overlays

PRR #102

 Performance Evaluation of Jointed Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Without Resurfacing

PRR #103

 Crack Control of Pozzolanic Bases

PRR #104

 Evaluation of Crack and Seat Method of Resurfacing Concrete Pavements

PRR #105

 Evaluation of Pozzolanic Mixture Containing Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) (IL 83-11)

PRR #106

 Accurate and Rapid Determination of Fatigue Damage in Bridge Superstructures

PRR #107

 Analysis, Inspection, and Repair Methods for Pin Connections in Illinois Bridges

PRR #108

 Effects of Corrosion and Fatigue on the Load-Carrying Capacity of Structural and Reinforcing Steel

PRR #109

 Methods to Reduce Built-In Residual Stresses in Steel Bridge Diaphragms (Phase 1)

PRR #110

 Performance Evaluation of Single Pass Thin Lift Bituminous Overlays

PRR #111

 Alternative to Full-Depth Patching On Resurfacing Projects

PRR #112

 Evaluating Pavement Design Features - Five Year Performance Evaluation of FA 401 and FA 409

PRR #113

 Recycling Old PCC Pavement - Performance Evaluation of FAI 57 Inlays

PRR #114

 Design and Construction of Open-Graded Base Courses

PRR #115

 Fatigue Analysis of Overhead Sign and Signal Structures

PRR #116

 Bituminous Overlay Policy - A Performance Evaluation

PRR #117

 Evaluation of Reclaimed Rubber in Bituminous Pavements

PRR #118

 Fatigue of Tube-to-Plate Fillet Welds and Methods for Their Improvement

PRR #119

 A Summary of the Illinois Skid-Accident Reduction Program 1989-1994

PRR #120

 An Evaluation of IDOT's Current Underdrain Systems

PRR #121

 Evaluation of Stone Matrix Asphalt

PRR #122

 Planning, Design and Construction of an Unbonded Concrete Overlay

PRR #123

 Thin Bonded Concrete Overlay and Bonding Agents - Construction and Initial Performance

PRR #124

 Design, Construction, and Analysis of CRCP Patching Techniques in Illinois

PRR #125

 Alternative Materials for the Modification and Stabilization of Unstable Subgrade Soils - Laboratory Testing Report

PRR #126

 Finite Element Models for the 3-Web Sheave Design for the Shippingsport Bridge

PRR #127

 Finite Element Models for the Single-Web Sheave Design for the Shippingsport Vertical Lift Bridge

PRR #128

 Finite Element Models for the 3-Web Sheave Design for the Shippingsport Vertical Lift Bridge

PRR #129

 Investigation of Rack & Pinion Alignment on the Cass Street Bridge in Joliet, IL

PRR #131

 Evaluation of Mechanized Consolidation of Bridge Deck Concrete in Illinois

PRR #132

 Evaluation of Thin Lift Polymer Bridge Deck Overlays on I-57 Bridges at Clifton, IL

PRR #133

 Concrete Bridge Deck Overlays in Illinois - Mix Design Experimentation and Investigation of Construction Methods

PRR #134

 Performance of Thin Bonded Concrete Overlays in Illinois

PRR #135

 Friction Qualities of Various PCC Pavement Textures

PRR #136

 Performance of Rubberized Asphalt Pavements in Illinois

PRR #137

 Rubbilizing w/Bituminous Concrete Overlay - 10 Years' Experience

PRR #138

 Alternative Materials for Subgrade Modification

PRR #139

 Construction of Bridge Decks with Precast, Prestressed Concrete Planks

PRR #140

 Performance of an Unbonded Concrete Overlay on I-74

PRR #141

 Evaluation of Sprayed-on Metalizing for Precast/Prestressed Concrete I-Beams

PRR #142

 Utilization of Recycled Materials in Illinois Highway Construction

PRR #143

 Bonded Concrete Overlay Performance in Illinois

PRR #144

 Whitetopping Construction and Early Performance in Illinois

PRR #145

 Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Composite Bridge Deck Construction in Illinois

PRR #146

 Demonstrating the Use of Performance-Based Warranties on Highway Construction Projects in Illinois

PRR #147

 Open Graded Drainage Layer Performance in Illinois

PRR #148

 Whitetopping Performance in Illinois

PRR #149

 Atmospheric Dispersion Study of Deicing Salt Applied to Roads

PRR #150

 An Evaluation of Interlayer Stress Absorbing Composite (ISAC) Reflective Crack Relief System

PRR #151

 Evaluation of Traffic-Induced Light Pole Vibrations On the I-80 Le Claire Bridge

PRR #152

 Investigation of Select LRFD Design Factors Through Instrumentation of Bridge Bearings (23.8 MB .exe file)

PRR #153

 Evaluation of Aluminum Highway Sign Trusses and Standards for Wind and Truck Gust Loadings

PRR #154

 Aggregate Subgrade Thickness Determination

PRR #155

 Effectiveness of Concrete Deck Sealers and Laminates for Chloride Protection of New and In Situ Reinforced Bridge Decks in Illinois

PRR #156

 Tracking Implementation Results in State Transportation Agencies

PRR #157

 Determining the Machinability of High Performance Steels

PRR #158

 Utilization of Recycled and Reclaimed Materials in Illinois Highway Construction in 2009

PRR #159

 Performance Monitoring of Mechanistically-Designed Pavements 2010 Data Collection

PRR #160

 Utilization of Recycled and Reclaimed Materials in Illinois Highway Construction in 2010

PRR #161

 Utilization of Recycled and Reclaimed Materials in Illinois Highway Construction in 2011

PRR #162

 Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles in Illinois 2011

PRR #163

 Use of Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles in Illinois 2012

PRR #164

 Utilization of Recycled and Reclaimed Materials in Illinois Highway Construction in 2012

PRR #165

2012-2015 Performance Monitoring of Mechanistically-Designed Pavements

PRR #166

Evaluation of High Performance Concrete Bridge Decks and Other Experimental Bridge Decks

PRR #167

Illinois Highway Materials Sustainability Efforts of 2017

PRR #168

Evaluation of Longitudinal Joint Sealant in Illinois

PRR #169

Experimental Joint Sealants for Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements and Overlays

PRR #170

Illinois Highway Materials Sustainability Efforts of 2018

PRR #171

Pile Deformation Stresses and Strains in Integral Abutment Bridges

PRR #172

2019 IDOT Recycle Report

PRR #173

2020 IDOT Recycle Report

Pavement Technology Advisories (PTA)

PTAs are short informational documents covering a wide variety of topics pertinent to highway engineering at IDOT and are a valuable resource to anyone interested in highway engineering - planning, designing, building, and/or maintaining roads. PTAs are categorized into three main topic groups: Design, Construction, and Materials; Maintenance, Repair, and Rehabilitation; and Testing and Data Collection.

Research Works

Research Works briefs are targeted to the public, who may not be familiar with the technical jargon found in the academic reports produced by the Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT). They highlight what the problem was, how research was used to solve the problem, the project’s outcome, and how it is being implemented at IDOT.

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