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Whether you are a novice or experienced rider, choosing the right safety equipment and accessories should be your first priority. In the event of a crash, wearing the proper gear could mean life or death. There is nothing between you and the road except the clothes you are wearing. Ride Smart.

All the Gear, All the Time

We encourage all riders to wear all the gear, all the time.

A bright, reflective DOT-approved helmet is your best protection. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of those killed in motorcycle crashes are not wearing a helmet. Not only will it help protect you against most head injuries, but will make you more visible to other drivers.

Eye Protection
Eye protection is required and should be worn at all times to protect the operator from dust and other hazards that may cause irritation or injury to eyes.

Gloves should be worn at all times to protect your hands from injury. Gloves will help protect against weather conditions, and of course, injury to your hands.

Jackets, Pants and Boots
A motorcycle jacket, pants and boots should always be part of your riding outfit. Wearing proper riding jackets, pants and boots will protect you from major skin loss, road rash and mutilated toes or feet in the event of a crash.


This is an acronym for a motorcycle pre-ride safety check. Before every ride check the Tires/Wheels, Controls, Lights/Electrical, Oil/Fluids, Chassis and Stands.

Taking a moment to check your motorcycle for proper operation before the ride could mean the difference have a safe enjoyable ride or one that may result in problems. The owner’s manual will address specific items and details to check on your motorcycle. Download T-CLOCS inspection sheet from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.