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Illinois State Freight Plan

Freight transportation in Illinois is a key driver of the state’s economy and is integral to the global system of trade, despite being in the interior of the continent. Intermodal service is a principal advantage that Illinois brings to supply chain businesses; this advantage helps drive the state’s economy. Businesses are dependent on moving agricultural products, raw materials, and finished products efficiently. This requires an integrated system of freight transportation and Illinois’ transportation network and freight services provide a full range of options.

Freight Plan Executive Summary

Illinois State Freight Plan
The 2017 Illinois State Freight Plan was developed in accordance with freight plan guidelines established in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which was signed into law in December 2015.  Over 1 billion tons of freight, valued at nearly $3 trillion, was moved to, from, or within Illinois in 2014. Freight movement in Illinois relies on a multimodal network of highways, railroads, waterways, and airports.  The freight plan provides data and analysis on the movement of these goods and also identifies major freight corridors and bottlenecks. Also included is a freight investment plan which shows the projects that will be funded with the freight formula funds provided under the FAST Act.  These projects were selected through the Illinois Competitive Freight Program, which allowed stakeholders to submit freight projects for evaluation using a transparent set of eligibility and scoring criteria.  The finalized freight plan, including the freight investment plan, has been reviewed and approved by the FHWA.

List of Critical Urban Freight Corridors (CUFCs) and Critical Rural Freight Corridors (CRFCs)


Illinois Competitive Freight Program
Illinois Competitive Freight Program: As described above, IDOT established a transparent set of eligibility and scoring criteria and solicited project proposals for a new competitive grant program designed to utilize FAST Act freight formula funds and improve the mobility of freight at the local level. Applications were accepted through April 6, 2018 for approximately $225 million in National Highway Freight Program funds which are to be distributed through 2022. Projects selections were added to the freight investment plan section of the finalized freight plan.

Freight Mobility Plan
Freight Mobility Plan: Completed December 2012, the Freight Mobility Plan examined the current state of freight in Illinois and the ways in which the transport of goods through the state might be improved. This plan was updated in 2017 with the help of the Illinois State Freight Advisory Council, in order to meet new federal requirements established under the FAST Act.