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Annual Highway Improvement Program

Each year, the Illinois Department of Transportation develops the Annual Highway Improvement Program. This publication presents a detailed account of the Fiscal Year 2023 highway program element, originally presented in the Fiscal Year 2023-2028 Proposed Highway Improvement Program. It provides a current listing of the projects sorted by district and phase of work to assist stakeholders with planning activities.


On Nov. 15, 2021, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, was signed into law. This new five-year funding authorization bill provides for an approximate 20% increase in federal formula funds and an estimated 12% increase over existing formula funds. This funding, along with additional funding from the Rebuild Illinois capital program passed in June 2019, will help to make significant progress in addressing our road and bridge needs in Illinois. We are in a favorable position to take advantage of IIJA because of the Rebuild Illinois capital program.

The IIJA and the Rebuild Illinois capital program have significantly increased the size of IDOT’s highway program. The FY 2023 Annual Highway Improvement Program remains significantly larger than previous years, providing $3.7 billion of the $24.6 billion included for highways in the Fiscal Year 2023-2028 Proposed Highway Improvement Program. Also included are projects totaling $262 million in appropriations from previous fiscal years that are scheduled to be implemented in FY 2023.

As a result, the FY 2023 Annual Highway Improvement Program totals $3.962 billion. This allows the department to continue to move assertively towards meeting Transportation Asset Management Plan goals and fixing our state’s crumbling infrastructure.

FY 2023 Annual Highway Improvement Program


MYP projects and specifically highway projects from the Annual Highway Improvement Program can be viewed on an interactive map using IDOT’s Getting Around Illinois website. Please click here to visit the interactive map, and to view the current program’s projects.


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