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Transportation Improvement Programs

The Illinois transportation system represents an enormous investment. The preservation and maintenance of the system is a high priority in Illinois and is critical to protecting the public’s investment in the system's infrastructure, improving the safety and efficiency of the system, enhancing the system’s ability to support commerce, and adapting the system to the transportation needs of current and future generations. In order to meet the transportation challenges of today and tomorrow, IDOT is committed to maintaining a comprehensive management system for bridges, structures, highways, traffic congestion, public and rail transportation, airports, and intermodal connections. It is important that a transportation system is balanced - one that not only serves the day-to-day needs and movement of goods from one place to another but also ensures safety of all users, regardless of their mode.

IDOT programs federal, state, and local funds. Transportation improvement programs identify actual improvement projects as well as funding and schedules for implementing them. In this section of the website you will be able to view the most current IDOT transportation improvement programs.

Multi-Year Highway
Improvement Program
Statewide Transportation
Improvement Program
Annual Highway
Improvement Program
(Proposed Improvements)
For The Record


Annual Proposed
Airport Improvement Program
Transportation Asset Management Plan

FY2023-2028 MMY Program

Rebuild Illinois Capital Program Highway Accomplishments