Transportation Bulletin

The department advertises projects seven times a year via the Transportation Bulletin and makes this schedule public in the Transportation Bulletin. The department will on occasion require a Special Letting outside of the published letting date schedule.  Special Lettings are strictly on an as-needed basis. 


Revised November 17, 2017 Transportation Bulletin

The Transportation Bulletin is the official publication for construction bids by IDOT's Office of Program Development and IDOT's Office of Intermodal Project Implementation, as well as for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

The hyperlinks below pertain to the advertised projects in the Transportation Bulletin/Notice of Letting and are the contractor’s responsibility to review before submitting a bid.


The following firms are either authorized/not authorized to bid on the letting:


Pre Bid Conference(s)

The Pre-Bid Conferences are identified in the Notice of Letting and are designed  to answer questions, clarify unique items, and discuss the scope of work and staging for the upcoming projects. There are two types of Pre-Bid Conferences:

Voluntary: Depending on the district that is requesting the services, a conference can be held in the appropriate district where questions and answers are supplied by experts in the area of work.

Mandatory: The Transportation Bulletin indicates if there is a mandatory pre-bid conference. These are required to be attended for specific items published on the bulletin. Prospective bidders must attend and sign-in to be eligible to bid.

Transportation Bulletin Archives

For your convenience all past letting information and reports are located under Resources for archived bulletins.

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Jim Layden
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Chief Contracts Official
Bureau of Design and Environment
Office of Program Development

Submitting a Bid

Authorization to bid is required before a bid can be submitted to ensure that the contractor has enough capacity to perform 50 percent or more of the work on the project of interest. 

The Rules for Prequalification of Contractors, Authorization to Bid, and Subcontractor Registrations govern the process of the issuance of Authorization to Bid on state highway lettings. It contains procedures and requirements for request, issuance, denial, and joint ventures for bid authorization.

Obtaining Authorization to Bid

Upon authorization to bid, the prime contractor will be added to the 'List of Authorized Bidders'. If you are not authorized, you will be added to the 'List of Non-Bidders'.  Both lists are posted every Friday three weeks prior to the letting and the Thursday prior to the letting and can be found on the appropriate letting under the Active Transportation Bulletin tab. 

Seek Authorization to Bid

There are two forms that are required prior to authorization to bid being granted:

  1. Prime contractors must submit a Request for Authorization to Bid/or Not for Bid Status (BDE 124) and indicate which items of the current bulletin you are interested in submitting a bid in order to become authorized to bid.  The form can be submitted either by email to or fax to (217) 785-1141. Confirmation of authorization to bid will be sent via e-mail to the potential bidder.
  2. Prime contractors must submit an Affidavit of Availability (BC 57). This form is the prospective bidder’s sworn statement concerning their present and pending contract commitments. Authorization to bid will not be issued without an accurate, signed and notarized original affidavit submitted to and accepted by IDOT by the cutoff date specified in the Transportation Bulletin. This form is available in excel and word formats for your convenience.

Note: the BC 57 is not required on Small Business Initiatives (SBI) or Target Market Program (TMP) projects.

Plan a Bid

When preparing your submittal be aware of deadlines and relevant information that can affect your bid. All of this information is included in the Transportation Bulletin. Please review that information carefully for each letting. If an advertised project has a railroad facility located on or adjacent to the work, you should review the following manual Guide to Working with Railroads before submitting a bid. 


Interest Reports

Prime Contractor Request for Subcontractor

Prime Contractors request for Subcontractors click here.

Subcontractor Statements of Interest

Subcontractors Statement of Interest click here.


Individual reports are generated for each letting date. View reports by letting date, search reports by item number. Please click here to generate interest reports.

Mentor Protégé Program

An optional IDOT program designed to enhance the capabilities of socially and economically disadvantaged businesses to perform prime contracts and subcontracts and if a prime enters into this program the goal of the project will be reduced by five percent. The program centers on business collaborations between Mentor firms (prime contractors) and Protégé firms (socially and economically disadvantaged businesses certified as DBEs) to provide developmental assistance to enhance the Protégé’s business and technical capabilities to do more complex work. Please visit the Mentor Protege Program webpage to learn more.

In the ‘Item Description’ (in the ‘Notice of Letting’ under the Transportation Bulletin page) a project is noted in red text if it is eligible for Mentor Protégé Program participation. 

Joint Venture

The Rules for Prequalification of Contractors, Authorization to Bid, and Subcontractor Registrations allow prequalified contractors to combine their available bidding capacity and request an Authorization to Bid for a single contract to bid as a joint venture after department approval.  

A Certificate of Joint Venture (BC 2267) must be filled out by the parties of the joint venture.  Submit an original signed copy to:

Illinois Department of Transportation
Bureau of Construction, Prequalification Section
2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Room 322
Springfield, Illinois 62764

An Authorization to Bid report (which is unique per prequalified firm) will be sent via email to the firms indicating what items they are authorized to bid on as a Joint Venture, if they are not authorized an explanation will be given on the report.

If your firm is interested in award of an advertised project, a bid is required to be submitted. 


The department accepts electronic bids (EBIDS) only for our construction contracting.

Please be sure to bookmark the IDOT EBids address:

Refer to the: Guide for Construction Contract Bidding with IDOT for assistance.

EBids Training Video, click here.

Additional documents that may be required with your electronic bid:

  1. Project Labor Agreement (PLA) - Letter of Assent (if applicable)
  2. Joint Venture Proposal Signature Sheet (if applicable)
  3. Veterans Business Program (VBP) - Utilization Plan (if applicable)
  4. Mentor-Protege Program(MPP) Agreement for Contract Assistance (if applicable)
Instructions to complete your financial disclosures:

Need Help?

For Letting
Jim Layden
(217) 782-7806
Chief Contracts Official
Bureau of Design and Environment
Office of Program Development

For Authorization & Prequalification
Frank Lowry
(217) 782-3413
Unit Chief of Prequalification Services
Bureau of Construction
Office of Project Implementation



All highway construction contracts are awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder per 30 ILCS 500/20-10(g).

To view contract award information, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does Paragraph K (Apprenticeship and Training Certification) need to be completed?
A: When the contract will be state funded. Paragraph K certification will not be present on a federally funded contract.

Q: As a prime contractor, am I required to participate in an apprenticeship & training program?
A: Please read the terms in the bid proposal or review 30 ILCS 500/30-22.

Q: Are DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) or VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business) forms required with our bid if the goal is 0.00%?
A: No. They are not required when the goal is 0.00%. Verify the goal by referencing the special provisions.

Q: When is my DBE Utilization Plan due?
A: You have 5 calendar days to submit your utilization plan in accordance with the special provision.

Q: Why is the Illinois Office Affidavit no longer included in the bid proposal?
A: It is now included as a certification in your bid.

Q: If I am a prequalified contractor and want to bid on a Small Business Initiative contract, do I need to complete the Qualifications and Equipment Inventory Certification document?
A: Yes.

Q: If I discover an error in my EBid, do I need to withdraw the bid and start over?
A: Never withdraw your electronic bid unless you do not want to submit a bid for the contract. If you discover an error, simply fix the error, save the fix, and re-submit your bid.

Q: Does my Annual Bid Bond cover Aeronautics and DNR contract bids?
A: Aeronautics and DNR will accept the Annual Bid Bond (BDE 356A). They also accept the contract specific bid bond (BDE 356B).

Q: If I have an annual electronic bid bond, do I need to submit a paper copy to the department?
A: No, if the department needs a copy we will access the issuer’s electronic database.

Q: If I am bidding electronically but have mailed the bid bond to IDOT, how do I validate the bond in EBids?
A: Type "Mailed Bid Bond" or "Annual Bid Bond" in the space provided.

Q: If bidding as a joint venture, who must complete Form A and Form B?
A: All individuals meeting the requirements of 30 ILCS 500/50-35 of the joint venture must complete Form A. A separate Form B must be completed by the individual companies of the joint venture.

Q: If bidding as a joint venture, who is responsible for the bid bond?
A: Responsibility of acquiring the bid bond is to be determined by the joint venture; however, both parties must be named on the bid bond.

Q: Is the proposal signature page required in EBids?
A: Only if bidding as a joint venture.

Q: If I want a copy of the “As-Built” plans, who do I contact?
A: Please contact the respective district construction office.