Pavement Design Processes

Pavement Design Spreadsheets

IDOT Mechanistic Pavement Design and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis: This spreadsheet will perform the calculations required by Chapter 54 of the BDE Manual to determine a design thickness and conduct a life-cycle cost analysis.

PCC Inlay / Overlay Design Spreadsheet: This spreadsheet allows the designer to determine a design thickness for a PCC Inlay / Overlay based on the procedure developed through the research project ICT-R27-3 “Design and Concrete Material Requirements for Ultra-Thin Whitetopping Procedures”.


Approved Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Below is a list of Life Cycle Analysis (LCCA) listed by district, county, route & location. The link will provide a pavement design and LCCA summary.

Click on any of the column headings to sort the list.

IL 143 over Indian Creek D-8MadisonIL 143over Indian Creek2017-02-28
US 20 over the West Branch of the DuPage RiverD-1DuPageUS 20over West Branch2016-05-04
I-55 from 0.6 miles to 4.2 miles north of IL 23D-3LivingstonI-550.6 to 4.2 mi. N of IL 232016-06-28
IL 56 from Wolf Road to US 12/20/45D-1CookIL 56from Wolfe Rd to US 12/20/452016-07-07
US 20 at IL 73D-2StephensonUS 20at IL 732016-05-04
IL 40 at Ideal Rd.D-2CarrollIL 40at Ideal Road2016-06-28
143rd Street Extension from IL 59 to IL 126D-1Will143rdfrom IL 59 to IL 1262016-07-07
IL 83 at Lake-Cook RdD-1Lake/CookIL 83at Lake Cook Rd2016-01-29
I-74 Mississippi River Corridor in MolineD-2Rock IslandI-74Mississippi River Corridor2016-01-02
IL 15/158/177 at Freeburg Ave.D-8St. ClairIL 15/158/177at Freeburg Ave2016-03-09
IL 111 at David LaneD-9JerseyIL 111at David Lane2015-10-27
Wood Street at Thornton RoadD-1CookWood Streetat Thornton Road2015-12-04
US 24/ IL 97/ IL 100 at South Main StreetD-4FultonUS 24 / IL 97/ IL 100at South Main St.2016-01-04
I-39 NW Ramp with I-88D-2OgleI-39NW Ramp to I-882015-09-21
IL 38 from the Fox River to Kirk RoadD-1KaneIL 38from the Fox River to Kirk Road2015-09-09
IL 53 at Center StreetD-1WillIL 53at Center Street2015-08-21
IL 53 at Division StreetD-1WillIL 53at Division Street2015-08-21
IL 53 at Coal City RoadD-1WillIL 53at Coal City Road2015-08-21
IL 13/127 from Murphysboro to VergennesD-9JacksonIL 13/127from Murphysboro to Vergennes2015-07-20
IL 8 over the BNSF RRD-4PeoriaIL 8over the BNSF RR2015-04-27
IL 25 & IL 62D-1KaneIL 25 & IL 62at Longmeadow Parkway2015-06-09
US 150 over the BNSF RRD-4KnoxUS 150over the BNSF RR2015-04-21
I-55 at Weber RoadD-1WillI-55at Weber Road2014-10-31
IL 22 from Quentin Road to IL 83D-1LakeIL 22from Quentin Road to IL 832015-01-23
IL 31 at Longmeadow ParkwayD-1KaneIL 31at Longmeadow Parkway2015-02-09
IL 31 from Spruce Drive to Huntley RoadD-1KaneIL 31from Spruce Drive to Huntley Road2014-12-29
IL 38 at County Farm RoadD-1DuPageIL 38at County Farm Road2014-09-09
IL 83 from IL 120 to IL 137 & at Atkinson RoadD-1LakeIL 83from IL 120 to IL 137 & at Atkinson Road2015-02-06
Madison Street from Park Avenue to Des Plaines AvenueD-1CookMadison Streetfrom Park Ave to Des Plaines Ave2015-01-23
US 6 at Parker RoadD-1WillUS 6at Parker Road2015-02-02
US 30 at Dugan RoadD-1KaneUS 30at Dugan Road2014-10-16
US 34 from Eldamain Road to Center ParkwayD-3KendallUS 34from Eldamain Road to Center Parkway2015-01-28
US 45 from Grass Lake Road to Country PlaceD-1LakeUS 45from Grass Lake Road to Country Place2014-10-14
I-57 from the Johnson CL to the Dongola InterchangeD-9Union, JohnsonI-57from Johnson Cl to Dongola Interchange2014-11-12
D9I57-01D-9Union/PulaskiI-57Rubblization Project 
D1IL83-01 (revised)D-1CookIL 83(147th St.)from Kedzie Ave. to Western Ave. 
D1IL83-01D-1CookIL 83(147th St.)from Kedzie Ave. to Western Ave. 
D1IL53EO-01D-1Du PageIL 53 (Rohlwing Rd)at Elgin-O'Hare Expressway 
D1IL83EO-01D-1CookIL 83 (Elmhurst Rd)at Elgin-O'Hare Expressway 
D1RampsG5G6K4EO-01D-1CookUS 20at Elgin-O'Hare Expressway 
D1IL62-01D-1CookIL 62from Penny Road to Easting's Way 
D1DesPlainesRd-01D-1CookDes Plaines Rdat Robinson Rd 
D1IL19-01D-1Du PageIL19at York Rd 
D1IL31-01D-1McHenryIL 31at IL176 
D1IL47-01D-1KaneIL 47at Plato Rd 
D1IL47-02D-1CookIL 47from Big Timber to Freeman Rd 
D1IL53-01D-1Du PageIL 53at IL 56(Butterfield Rd) 
D1IL58-01D-1CookIL 58at New Wilke Rd 
D1IL134-01D-1LakeIL 134at Fairfield Rd from Fox Trail to Harrison Ave. 
D1IL171-01D-1WillIL 171from Long Creek Run to 135th Street 
D1US6/IL7-01D-1CookUS 6 / IL 7from Gougar Road to Ravinia Ave. 
D1US12/45-01D-1CookUS 12/ 45from IL 19 to IL 72 
D1US20-01D-1Kane/CookUS 20at Allen Rd / Brier Hill Road 
D1US20-02D-1McHenryUS 20at Harmony Road 
D1US30-01D-1CookUS 30at CNRR North of Sauk Trail 
D1US30-02D-1WillUS 30from IL 59 to I-55 
D1US34-01D-1Du PageUS 34at CN RR 
D1US45-01D-1LakeUS 45from IL 60 to IL 22 
D1WillowRd-01 D-1CookWillow Road 

from IL 43 to Bristol Road

D4IL29-01D-4PeoriaIL 29from Truitt to Senachwine Creek in Chillicothe 
D1IL134-01D-1LakeIL 134 at Fairfield & from Fox Trail to Harrison Avenue 
D3IL47-01D-3KendalIL 47I-80 Sherrill Road 
D3IL47-02D-3KendallIL 47Sherrill Road to Caton Farm Road 
D4US24-01D-4FultonUS 24through Astoria 
D4US34-01D-4HendersonUS 34Biggsville Bypass 
D4US34-02D-4WarrenUS 34Kirkwood to Monmouth 
D4VFWRoad-01D-4TazewellVFW RoadIL 29 to IL 9 in Pekin 
D8IL158-01D-8St. clairIL 158IL13 & IL 15 Roundabouts 
D8US50-01D-8ClintonUS 50at Shuttuc Road 
D9IL34-01D-9SalineIL 34Ellis Road to the Levvee 
D9IL142-01D-9SalineIL 142Willow Creek Mine 
D1DPRR-01D-1CookDes Plaines River Roadfrom Touhy Avenue to US 12 [Rand Road]2012-12-18
D1Rand-01D-1CookRand Roadover the Des Plaines River2012-11-08
D1I94-01D-1CookI-94at Stony Island Feeder2012-11-08
D1IL64-01D-1CookIL 64 [North Avenue]over the Des Plaines River2013-04-08
D1IWillow-01D-1CookWillow/Sanders Roadsfrom Des Plaines to Culligan Parkway2012-10-19
D1IL31-01D-1KaneIL 31over Ferson Creek2013-04-29
D1US20-03D-1KaneUS 20at Allen Road/Brier Hill Road2013-07-20
D1IL 47-01D-1LakeIL 47at Main Street2013-06-28
D1IL83-01   D-1LakeIL 83from Rollins Road to Hook Drive2013-03-07
D1US45-01D-1LakeUS 45from IL 60 to IL 222013-07-24
D1IL47-01D-1McHenryIL 47at O’Brien/Vanderkarr Roads2013-05-06
D2IL2-01D-2WinnebagoIL 2from Latham Road to Roscoe Road2012-05-08
D4IL336-01D-4McDonoughIL 336with NW Macomb Bypass2013-07-10
D4Allen-01D-4PeoriaAllen Roadfrom Suds Parkway to First Street2013-05-14
D4Allen-02D-4PeoriaAllen Roadfrom Townline Road to Van Winkle Way2013-08-08
D4IL29-02D-4PeoriaIL 29from Truitt Avenue to Senachewine Creek2012-05-14
D6I55-01D-6LoganI-55over Salt Creek2013-05-15
D6IL104D-6Pike/MorganIL 104from IL 99 to Yeck Road2013-07-16
D2I80-01D-2Henry/Rock IslandI-80over BN&SF, Barstow Road & Green River2013-12-12
D2US6-01D-2HenryUS 6at IL 842013-12-05
D2US20-01D-2Jo DaviessUS 20from Logemann Road to South Park/Rush St2013-12-05
D3IL71-01D-3KendallIL 71from IL 47 to Orchard Road2014-01-23
D3US34-01D-3KendallUS 34from IL 47 to Orchard Road2014-01-27
D6IL97-01D-6SangamonIL 97from Covered Bridge Road to IL 42013-12-12
D7IL16-01D-7ColesIL 16at East Harrison Road2014-01-03
D9I57-01D-9JeffersonI-57/64north of Mt. Vernon2014-01-23
D9US45-01D-9Saline, Gallatin, WhiteUS 45from IL 142 to IL 1452013-08-19
West Lake Avenue at Greenwood RoadD-1CookWolf Roadat Greenwood Road2013-12-11
IL 38 at Winfield RoadD-1DuPageIL 38at Winfield Road2014-04-11
Barrington Road at I-90D-1CookBarrington Roadat I-902014-07-07
Wolf Road from IL 21 to Hintz RoadD-1CookWolf Roadat IL 21 to Hintz Road2014-07-09
IL 89 over the Illinois River at Spring ValleyD-3Bureau, PutnamIL 89over the Illinois River at Spring Valley2014-04-17
IL 178 over the Illinois River at UticaD-3LaSalleIL 178over the Illinois River at Utica2014-08-01
IL 13/127 over Beaucoup CreekD-9JacksonIL13/127over Beacoup Creek2014-07-28