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Bureau of Small Business Enterprises

The Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Bureau of Small Business Enterprises, under the purview of the Office of Business and Workforce Diversity, supports a diverse workforce and business community by ensuring equity and inclusion within our projects and programs. 

The Bureau of Small Business Enterprises champions an environment where diverse individuals contribute to the shared success of our state and our neighborhoods by focusing on three key pillars: diverse vendorsthriving businesses and an empowered workforce.

We believe IDOT’s vendor network should reflect the diverse communities we serve. We have programs designated to certify minority- and woman-owned businesses and other eligible firms specializing in Construction and Professional Services, so that they can bid on our work.

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Our resources equip small and diverse businesses to build new capabilities, efficient operations, and lasting partnerships.

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We actively confront inequity by removing barriers and providing diverse individuals with career training and resources to build a foundation for success.

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