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Welcome to the new IDOT home page.  Our location has changed, please update any bookmarks.

IDOT Claims Procedures

IDOT has developed procedures for submitting claims for property damage to vehicles while traveling on highways under state jurisdiction and maintenance. IDOT cannot assume liability or responsibility for circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to:

  • Weather related events and conditions such as ice, snow, flooding, and tornadoes, etc.
  • Damages caused by other motorists/vehicles.
  • Unreported road debris or conditions.

Can All Claims be Filed with IDOT?

Damage claims occurring on any highway under state jurisdiction, can be submitted to IDOT. Damage claims on highways or streets not under the jurisdiction of IDOT should be referred to the government agency that maintains the roadway. Other government agencies may have different reporting and handling procedures. For more information, you should contact the specific city, township, or county with jurisdiction, or for Chicago area Tollways, please contact the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority at (630) 241-6800 ext. 4288.

How Do I Report a Condition and Obtain an IDOT Claim Form?

Please report any incident and qualifying claim directly to the IDOT transportation district office in the area closest to the location of the incident so that we may expedite our response to you. A Claimant’s Report of Property Damage form is not presently available on this website, but soon will be. The claim form can be sent to you via mail, fax or email from the IDOT district office responsible for the investigation of your claim. 

Please visit the IDOT Directories page to find the office in your area. If you are unable to determine the closest IDOT Office, please feel to contact IDOT's Central Bureau of Claims located in Springfield, at (217) 782-6263.

Will My Claim be Paid?

IDOT evaluates each claim based upon strict standards on negligence and liability established by the Illinois Court of Claims. Those standards hold that IDOT is not a general insurer of motorists traveling state highways and before it can be held liable for damages, IDOT must have prior notice of a condition and be allowed an adequate length of time (given the circumstances) to remedy or repair the condition, or provide warning of an adverse condition or hazard. Notice is a legal prerequisite that cannot be waived according to the Court.

Upon return of the claim form and required documents, a claim number will be assigned and the IDOT investigation will begin. Acceptance of the claim form is not a guarantee that a claim will be paid. Each claim is reviewed individually and is accepted or denied based upon the facts and circumstances related to that claim. While every effort will be made to expedite the processing of each claim, final written determinations are made as soon as possible, but can occasionally require 90-120 days to complete. Please contact your automobile insurance agent if the damage requires urgent consideration. The insurance company can arrange for repairs and present a claim to IDOT on your behalf.