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Trails, Paths and Streets

Illinois’ terrain varies across the state, equipping Illinois with a variety of unique recreational possibilities. Our extensive transportation infrastructure also provides for recreational activities that Illinois residents and visitors can enjoy.

Illinois pedestrians and bicyclists can enjoy a large network of Illinois trails, paths, and streets for recreational purposes and their daily commute. This infrastructure often is maintained by local governmental entities, but IDOT strives to showcase these options for residents and visitors, as alternatives that can increase mobility, accessibility, and sustainability.

Remember that you can take your bike with you on your car or on board an Amtrak train for your next trip. Utilize bike racks on equipped transit buses as part of your daily commute.

Off road vehicles are also a popular form of recreation that can be used on authorized trails or paths. Additional information can be found on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources webpage.

Please visit our Alphabetical Listing of Trails for more information on Illinois trails.

To view or download maps please visit Illinois Bike Maps by County.

IL State Parks

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