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Pedestrian travel, such as walking or jogging, is a common option for many people across Illinois – from rural to urban communities.

Pedestrian Safety

Drivers and pedestrians both are responsible for traffic safety. Drivers should always be prepared to yield the right-of-way and should not drive unnecessarily close to pedestrians.

When approaching a pedestrian with a disability who is utilizing a guide dog, a white cane, a wheelchair or other assistive device on a sidewalk or roadway, the pedestrian has the right-of-way and is granted the same rights as any pedestrian.

A driver must come to a complete stop (and yield):

  • When a pedestrian is in a marked crosswalk.
  • On school days, when children are in close proximity to a school zone crosswalk.
  • A driver must yield to a pedestrian.
  • When a pedestrian is in an unmarked crosswalk on the driver's side of the roadway and there are no traffic control signals.
  • When making a turn at any intersection.
  • When making a lawful turn on a red light after coming to a complete stop.
  • After coming to a complete stop at a stop sign or flashing red signal at an intersection.
  • When a pedestrian enters a crosswalk before the traffic light changed.
  • When a pedestrian is walking with a green light, to a walking person symbol or a walk signal.
  • When a pedestrian is leaving or entering a street or highway from an alley, building, private road or driveway.
  • When a pedestrian is entering an intersection with a flashing yellow arrow.

For more information, please see the Rules of the Road.

For more information on pedestrian studies by traffic safety partners, visit the Traffic Records Coordinating Committee website.

IDOT Intersection Pedestrian Fatalities Map

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is required under 20 ILCS 2705/2710-210 to conduct a traffic study following any crash involving a pedestrian fatality that occurs at an intersection with a state highway. Each study considers alternative geometric design improvements, traffic control devices, and other improvements IDOT may deem necessary. This section of the website reflects the result of the mandated studies.

The studies are conducted for the purpose of safety improvements and may be protected by 23 USC 407 (formally 23 USC 409). Therefore, the information contained on this web page shall not be subject to discovery or introduced as evidence in any applicable legal proceeding. The State of Illinois does not waive any rights under 23 USC 407 (formally 23 USC 409) by publishing this information.

Please click here to view the Intersection Pedestrian Fatalities Map.