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Illinois Traffic Records Safety Coordinating Committee

Formed as a multi-agency cooperative, ILLINOIS TRAFFIC RECORDS COORDINATING COMMITTEE (TRCC) is mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a requirement to receive and distribute 405c federal grant funds and provides executive and technical direction for the enhancement and integration of traffic information systems for the state. The committee’s focus is identifying, refining, and linking data systems from various state, federal, and local agencies in order to create a complete, accurate, timely, accessible, integrated, and uniform Traffic Records System. The TRCC shall be organized as a two-tier entity comprised of an executive subcommittee (“Executive Committee") and a technical subcommittee (“Technical Committee”). Both subcommittees are allowed the benefits of creating ad hoc or permanent sub-subcommittees as warranted.

Our Mission Statement

The Illinois Traffic Records Coordinating Committee is formed to provide strong coordinated leadership aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of traffic safety related information systems in Illinois, with the ultimate goal of enabling the discovery of life-saving strategies by ensuring that complete and timely traffic safety data is available for in-depth relational analysis. The Illinois Traffic Records Coordinating Committee will enthusiastically support improved information systems and crash data reporting at all levels of government and strive to improve uniformity, integration, collection, access, and analysis of data to reduce the human and economic costs attributed to motor vehicle crashes.