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Whether advertising on the requesting funding assistance for projects to be placed on a state letting or a local letting, IDOT is responsible for directing federal, state, and local funding to maintain, enhance, and expand Illinois’ publicly owned, open to the public airports through its Proposed Airport Improvement Program. Within the Proposed Airport Improvement Program process, the airport sponsor requests financial assistance for airport improvement projects over the next three to five federal fiscal years through the Transportation Improvement Proposal (TIP) request process. In order to meet eligibility requirements, all projects must first be formally requested through the TIP process annually.

Getting Started

The process begins with meetings with IDOT’s Division of Aeronautics representatives (meeting dates are communicated through mass emails) where programming guidance and aid in preparing for submittal packets is discussed. Meetings tend to be scheduled in the fall on an annual basis.

Submit Potential Projects

Airport projects are selected from submittals by the airport sponsors and evaluated based on federal priority rating and need on an annual basis. Due to eligibility, justification, project readiness and funding limitations, not all projects requested in the TIP are included in the three-year Proposed Airport Improvement Programs. The Proposed Airport Improvement Program does not reflect all of the airport needs or deficiencies but simply reflects those projects identified by the airport sponsor as desiring federal and or state financial assistance.


Final TIP Submittals Due: December 15, 2023
Incomplete submittals will not be processed and will be rejected. A completed submittal consists of the following materials.


Required for all project funding assistance requests

  • Detailed sketch for each individual project request (No aerials or multi-year views)
  • e-TIPS/Submittal Instructions (AER 101: Transportation Improvement Program: Airports FFY 2020-2024)
  • e-TIP Data Sheet (first fiscal year only) (Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Data Sheet: AER 104)
  • Estimate of Work (first fiscal year only) (2020 Transportation Improvement Program Estimate of Work: AER 102)

Required for specific scopes of funding assistance requests

Submit to Normally submittals are due in December, evaluations of the submittals take up to four and a half months, programming of selected projects occurs in the spring. 

If mailing a hard copy send an original copy to each address:

Aviation Program Planning Section chief
Illinois Department of Transportation
Office of Planning & Programming
2300 South Dirksen Parkway
Room 341
Springfield, Illinois 62704
Airport Program Engineer
Division of Aeronautics
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport
One Langhorne Bond Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62707-8415

Submittals are evaluated by current condition/need/importance by a committee against other requests submitted throughout the state utilizing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidance (Order 5100.39A)

Next Steps

Successful projects are programmed and each sponsor is notified of the programmed project by letter, which instructs them on the next steps required to move the project to a letting. View Advertisement for more information.

Need Help?

Programming Submittal

David Salgado, P.E.


Sr. Airport Program Engineer

Division of Aeronautics

Project Initiation

Joe Staats, P.E.

Section Chief of Airport Design