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Welcome to the new IDOT home page.  Our location has changed, please update any bookmarks.

Other Plans

  • Safety: Every five years, IDOT, in partnership with key safety stakeholders, develops a State Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). With a goal to eliminate all fatal and serious injury crashes on Illinois roadways, this plan includes comprehensive and coordinated safety strategies that cover engineering, education, enforcement, and emergency medical services.

All Hazards

  • All-Hazards Transportation System Vulnerability Assessment: IDOT developed a statewide inventory and vulnerability index of all state-owned transportation assets. The index takes into account the importance of the asset, its condition, and the assets geographic location in relation to potential hazards. This will help the department to prioritize maintenance, fabrications, and major capital projects with relationship to man made and naturally occurring hazards. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, only the executive summary will be published.
  • Storm Water Management Plan: The Illinois Storm Water Management Plan is designed to eliminate storm water runoff during construction.