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County, Township, and Municipality Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) Databases

The County, Township, Municipality, and Township Bridge Program databases are self-extracting MS Access 97 files that when unzipped will initially occupy from 3 - 4 MB of drive space. These databases were developed in MS Access 97 to replace the old DataEase accounting databases. The MS Access databases will work in MS Access 2000, but must first be converted. Follow the instructions in MFT Access Readme.pdf to load the databases and, if necessary, convert them to MS Access 2000. To download a file to your hard drive, click the right mouse button and choose "Save Target As."


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The inserted special provision memos are in hidden text, to view or print hidden text use the following instructions:

  • To view hidden text, use the following commands: Tool - Options - View - Click on "Hidden Text."
  • To print the hidden text, use the following commands: Tool - Options - Print - Click on "Hidden Text."
  • The Inserted Special Provisions file naming convention is: the first 2 characters are for special provisions: the following 6 characters are for the letting date, the file extension is for the file type.
  • Once you have decompressed the file use MS Word or Word Viewer to view.

~ Trouble Shooting Tips ~

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Springfield Report Update
Revised: 5/19/2006  
Instructions for updating your current TBP Access database Springfield Report with the report in TBP97Updates.mdb
Revised: 5/19/2006
 MFT Access Readme.pdf 
Instruction manual for the MS Access 97 MFT County, Township, Municipality, and Township Bridge databases. Includes instructions on loading the Access 97 databases; converting from Access 97 to Access 2000; creating shortcut icons to activate the Access databases; importing data from the DataEase County and Township MFT databases to the Access County and Township databases; and zipping and unzipping files.
Revised: 4/18/2001 
County User Manual.pdf 
Revised: 4/12/2001 
User manual for the MS Access County MFT database.
Revised: 1/4/2018 
MS Access 2003 County MFT database, County.accdb.

Municipality User Manual.pdf 
Revised: 4/27/2001 
User manual for the MS Access Municipality MFT database.

Revised: 1/4/2018 
MS Access 2003 Municipality MFT database, Municipality.accdb.
Township User Manual.pdf 
Revised: 4/12/2001 
User manual for the MS Access Township MFT database.

Revised: 1/4/2018 
MS Access 2003 Township MFT database, Township.accdb.

Township Bridge User Manual.pdf 
Revised: 10/15/2002 
User manual for the MS Access Township Bridge Program database
Township Bridge.accdb
Revised: 1/4/2018
MS Access 2003 Township Bridge Program database, Township Bridge.accdb.