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Motor Vehicle Data Linkage

The Motor Vehicle Data Linkage Project is financed by the 405(c) grant funds overseen by IDOT.  The 405(c) funds have been awarded to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to aid in data linkage.  IDPH then subcontracts with the University of Illinois in Springfield’s Center for State Policy and Leadership (formerly through their Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Policy Studies). The Center engages in various research projects with one such topic being traffic safety.

The Center’s research is directed by Dr. AJ Simmons.  However, Research Specialists Dr. Mickey Edwards and Dr. Seunghoon Oh have spearheaded the research under Dr. Simmons for this specific grant.  Through the research, there have been several interesting finds within the data.  To learn more about the exciting published research outcomes, click on the following links:

Another important aspect of this research is to share the findings and reach out to help promote the health and safety of everyone in Illinois.  Several dissemination materials focusing on matters specifically related to this grant and related information are available for online and social media content.  These materials are created as a shared effort between IDOT, IDPH, and UIS to shed light on the seriousness of the topics available in the content.  Visit the UIS Motor Vehicle Data Linkage Project website for dissemination materials. 

This dissemination content is available in addition to the Public Education and Information (PIE) hardcopy materials already available through IDOT.  The PIE materials cover the traffic safety information falling specifically under the purview of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Email for more information.