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Work Zone Establishments

IDOT and local highway agencies work to maintain, operate, and expand the roadway system to provide the best travel for roadway users. This requires construction and maintenance on the system and the establishment of work zones periodically. The department has worked diligently to develop and implement traffic control standards that are consistent and can guide traffic through the work zone with the safety of the workers and the roadway users in mind. Unfortunately, distracted driving and speed continue to be the leading causes of work zone crashes and severe injury and fatal crashes in particular. These work zones do require more attention and slower speeds because of work crew exposure, changing conditions, potentially stopped traffic, and greater risk of being involved in a crash. We will continue to work with law enforcement and our industry safety partners to continue to improve upon work zones across the state and achieve zero fatalities and serious injuries in all work zones.

To view active construction sites, please visit the Work Zones webpage in Travel Information.

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