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Project Implementation

Implementation of the project differs based on the type of funding.

Local Let Projects

Every local public agency (LPA), when using MFT or state funds for a project, has an obligation to ensure that the project is completed according to the approved plans and specifications. The LPA is responsible for ensuring the project is properly implemented by providing the following: project supervision, project documentation, contract changes, equipment inspection, inspection and testing of materials, and final acceptance.

Please familiarize yourself with Chapter 13: Project Implementation of the Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Manual for the required steps for implementation of a MFT or state funded project.


State Let Projects

Federal regulations provide that IDOT has responsibility for construction work involving federal funds and requires that the work be satisfactorily completed according to the plans and specifications. All materials that are used for construction will be inspected and tested for compliance with the requirements of the: IDOT Standard Specifications, Project Procedures Guide (PPG), Special Provisions.

Supervision and inspection will be performed in accordance with the IDOT Construction Manual
issued by the department's Bureau of Construction and the PPG issued by the department's Bureau of Materials and Physical Research. All reports will be on forms required for state construction contracts
distributed in the manner indicated in the introduction to the forms and reports section of the
IDOT Construction Manual.

Please familiarize yourself with Chapter 25: Construction and Maintenance of the Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Manual for the rules and process. All compliance requirements are hosted on the Contractor's Resources webpage.