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IPD Program

The IPD Bureau supports the Department's mission to provide safe, cost-effective transportation for Illinois in ways that enhance quality of life, promote economic prosperity, and demonstrate respect for our environment, climate initiatives and is guided by the principles of safety, integrity, responsiveness, quality, and innovation. 

The IPD Bureau, through the IPD Program, will help the Department deliver transportation infrastructure projects and services utilizing innovative methods guided by the following key objectives:

  • Accelerate the delivery of transportation infrastructure options that improve mobility and communicate openly with stakeholders.
  • Successfully deliver projects through innovative methods in order to provide the best value to the State. 

The IPD Program will be guided by the following goals in both its identification of projects for innovative project delivery, and its development, procurement, and implementation of projects using CMGC, DB, and PDB delivery methods:

  • Ensure that projects serve the best interests of the public:
    • Addresses identified public needs
    • Providing tangible benefits
    • Includes diversity and equity considerations in decision-making
    • Minimizes impacts to environment and adjacent communities
    • Innovative traffic management, reducing congestion, and improving mobility
  • Provide new opportunities for DBE partners through outreach and awareness
  • Provide best value to the State including best use of State and Federal resources
  • Provide cost certainty and reduced change orders
  • Provide a fair, transparent, and competitive procurement environment
  • Encourage innovation and value opportunities
  • Encourage economic development while being sensitive to environmental impacts and climate change concerns
  • Promote accelerated delivery opportunities with delivery benefits and efficiencies compared to traditional delivery methods
  • Promote accountability and informed, timely decision making
  • Achieve early identification and mitigation of project risks
  • Facilitate the timely delivery of projects within the provisions of the Public Act 102-1094, and other applicable Illinois statutes, the Department's administrative rules, and Manual. 

For a project to be considered for CMGC, DB, or PDB delivery, it must be included in the Multi-Year Plan (MYP). A subset of projects will be selected from the MYP through a joint process with the Districts to evaluate each for potential benefits of innovate project delivery through CMGC, DB, or PDB. Projects selected for evaluation are primarily at the discretion of the Districts, based on the goals and objectives of the IPD Program. 

Candidate Projects could be identified in various stages of project development from a preliminary concept to a more fully developed project. Candidates may be a single project or multiple projects bundled for delivery under a single solicitation. This is a high-level analysis to identify projects with characteristics that are consistent with the types of projects that typically benefit from CMGC, DB, or PDB delivery. 

The first step is for the Districts to narrow the list of potential projects to a subset of projects prior to investing resources to perform in-depth evaluation of any given project. Once a project has advanced through the data collection and initial assessment, the IPD Bureau collaborates with the District to collect and review additional relevant supporting information and documentation. The project screening process informs decision-makers whether to consider a project as a Candidate Project. Projects deemed suitable for CMGC, DB, or PDB and approved are added to the IPD Candidates Project list.