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Basic Rider Course 2

The BRC2 is designed for riders with previous experience who are returning to motorcycling or who have ridden for some time without a license. These riders may be returning riders who already passed the BRC but don't have their own motorcycle, riders who would like additional training and practice before riding on the street or experienced dirt bike riders who want to start riding on the street.

This course offers an overview of the fundamentals of safe, responsible motorcycling and provides riders the opportunity to renew skills and acquire important knowledge for safe street operation. 

The BRC2 is approximately 10 hours of classroom and on-motorcycle instruction. Successful completion of the BRC2 requires passing both a written and riding evaluation.  

Basic Rider Course 2 Eligibility

  • Illinois residents who are at least 18 years old (on the first day of their course) are eligible to enroll in the BRC2 if they have a valid driver's license or instruction permit and have previous experience operating a motorcycle.
  • Prerequisites: All BRC2 students are expected to possess reasonable proficiencies in basic motorcycle control operation, straight-line riding, upshifting, downshifting, turning, braking and stopping.  Riders unable to demonstrate these minimum expectations during the first riding sessions will not be allowed to continue the course, nor will they be given preferential enrollment into a basic course.

Protective Clothing Requirements

The following items are required:

  • Sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear (not cloth or canvas; boots suggested)
  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Gloves that cover the entire hands
  • Protective eyewear (any type of glasses that can be worn while operating a motorcycle/driving)

Helmets and motorcycles will be provided. Students are welcome to bring their own DOT-approved three-quarter or full-face helmets.


A completion card will be mailed to all students who successfully complete the Basic Rider Course 2. The BRC2 completion card will waive the Secretary of State motorcycle written and driving tests for riders 18 and older. The BRC2 completion card may also be used for insurance discounts, check with your insurance provider for additional details.

Registering for a Course

If you are interested in registering for the Basic Rider Course 2 or would like more information, please contact your nearest Regional Center for registration instructions