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Bridge Demolition Debris

Federal Public Law 109-59; Section 1805 requires IDOT to first make the debris from the demolition of bridges available for beneficial use by a federal, state, or local government, unless such use obstructs navigation. Beneficial use is defined as shore erosion control or stabilization, ecosystem restoration, or marine habitat creation. For this purpose, demolition material is considered debris if the department does not otherwise identify use of the material in the project documents.

A recipient of the debris shall (1) bear the additional cost associated with having the debris made available; (2) ensure that placement of the debris complies with applicable law; and (3) assume all future legal responsibility arising from the placement of the debris. Any agency interested in receiving debris should review the latest Proposed Highway Improvement Program available on the department’s website to determine planned bridge demolition projects.

In order to incorporate the disposition of debris into the contract documents and to enter into an intergovernmental agreement, the recipient agency should contact the appropriate district office at least 16 weeks prior to the letting. Please determine the appropriate district office. Requests made less than 16 weeks prior to the letting may be accommodated after the letting. The recipient agency will be responsible for any additional cost.