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Environment Review Documents

Illinois Route 13,127, and 154 - Pinckneyville, IL

Eastbound US 150 (McClugage Bridge) Structure Rehabilitation

East Side Highway Environmental Assessment (McLean County)

I-74 and I-57 Interchange in Champaign County

Illinois 47 Study from Reed Rd to US 14

Illinois 47 (FAP 326) South of Granville Road to Caton Farm Road

Macomb Area Study, US 67 (FAP 310) and IL 336 (FAP 315)
Draft Environmental Impact Statement

This Draft Environmental Impact Statement is for the construction of an access-controlled, four-lane highway in McDonough County, Illinois that will allow for the continuation of US 67, US 136, and proposed Illinois 336 around the City of Macomb. It would be approximately 20.5 kilometers (12.7 miles) long. The highway would also link east-west roads, existing US 136, and proposed Illinois 336 to US 67. It would also reduce traffic congestion in and around Macomb, increase safety for city traffic by establishing a through-traffic alternative (bypass), reduce travel times for local and regional drivers, and support the city's economic development goals. A preferred alternative is identified and assessed. The proposed action would result in the displacement of seven residences and one business. It would require 285.7 hectares (706.0 acres) of new right-of-way. The majority of required right-of-way is used for agriculture; however, some locations are wooded. Approximately 1.04 hectares (2.55 acres) of wetlands used would be mitigated as part of the project.

Milan Beltway Extension (FAU 5822), Airport Road to Blackhawk Road/John Deere Expressway
Final Environmental Impact Statement (May 2003)

The Milan Beltway will provide a connection between the developing area south of the Rock River and the urbanized area north of the river, all in Rock Island County. The project is carefully integrated with the John Deere Expressway which serves a rapidly growing commercial and personal service corridor north of the river. The project substantially reduces the need to widen Blackhawk Road through the historically rich Black Hawk State Historic Site. The proposed interconnection of the Beltway with Airport Road south of the Rock River is a critical element of this project. The interconnection will relieve traffic volumes on Airport Road which is currently experiencing capacity problems.

Primary environmental impacts of the proposed action are expected to be: displacement of five residences and eleven businesses, permanent loss of 9.0 hectares (22.3.acres) of wetlands, removal of 6.6 hectares (16.2 acres) of forested areas, and filling of 10.8 hectares (26.7 acres) of the Rock River floodplain. Approximately 47.1 hectares (116.5 acres) of land will be converted to right of way. An additional 29.3 hectares (72.3 acres) will be acquired for wetland mitigation. This proposed action attempts to address public concerns related to ice jam flooding and to reduce traffic through the Black Hawk State Historic Site

US BR 20 (FA 202, West State Street)

IL 336 (FAP 315) McDonough, Fulton and Peoria Counties, Illinois
Final Environmental Impact Statement, March 2011

The purpose of the proposed action is to provide a safe and efficient transportation facility from the eastern side of Macomb, Illinois to I-474 west of Peoria, Illinois. The proposed action will help provide western Illinois and the communities of Jacksonville, Quincy, Monmouth, Macomb, Canton and Peoria greater access to each other and to various east/west and north/south interstate and expressway systems.

The project study area includes parts of McDonough, Fulton and Peoria Counties. The principal communities include Bardolph, New Philadelphia, Marietta, Smithfield, Cuba, Norris, Farmington, Hanna City, Norwood and Bellevue.

IL 336 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)


Appendix D (Part 2) - Agency Coordination and Public Involvement Materials

 Aerial Exhibits

Proposed Interchange at 6000 North Road and I-57, Kankakee County, January 2011

Lake County Transportation Improvement Project
Draft Environmental Impact Statement, September 2001

This project is a joint effort of the IDOT and the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, in cooperation with other agencies and local officials. The project has identified a system of strategic roadway, rail, and bus improvements, as well as the package of transportation management strategies necessary to help address the key congestion and mobility problems in the study area. The package of supporting transportation improvements includes the expansion of commuter rail service, improvements to local and express bus service, increasing rideshare opportunities, improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities and transportation management strategies, which are designed to make transportation facilities function more effectively, work more reliably, and work more safely.

I-294/I-57 Interchange

Project Sites

75th Street Corridor Improvement Project

I-74 Quad Cities

IL 13 & 127 (Murphysboro to Pinckneyville)

IL 71 from IL 47 to Orchar/Minkler Road in Kendall County

US 20 (FAP 301)

US 67 (FAP 310)