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Special Events Application Review Request

General Guidance for Special Events and Federally Obligated Airports

Acceptance of Federal Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant funds is conditional and obligates the Airport Sponsor receiving the funds to compliance with specific grant assurances. A copy of the Terms and Conditions of Accepting Airport Improvement Grants is available on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website. All events and activities held at an airport must strictly adhere to these terms and conditions.

The Airport Sponsor has the primary responsibility for the safe operation of aircraft on the airport during the progress of any event. Grant Assurance 19 (Operation and Maintenance) prohibits the sponsor from permitting any activity or action at an airport which would interfere with the airport’s intended use as an airport.

It is the shared position of the IDOT and FAA that non-aeronautical events and activities at federally obligated airports are strongly discouraged. Recently, however, in an effort to become financially self-sustaining, Airport Sponsors have increasingly sought to expand the relevance of the airport within the community to include certain non-aeronautical events and activities. Examples of non-aeronautical events may include hosting car shows, model airplane races and concerts, to name a few. Examples of non-aeronautical activities may include renting apron and hangar space for boats and campers in the absence of an aircraft waiting list.

Specific guidance with respect to the development of Leases, Use Agreements and Land Releases for special events and activities is contained in FAA Policy and Procedures Memorandum 5190.6

Compliance with grant assurances for non-aeronautical events is no different than those required when operating the airport for aeronautical events. It all starts with agency coordination. ALL non-aeronautical events for airports covered by the state block grant program (i.e. non-primary airports) must first be coordinated through the IDOT's Division of Aeronautics.  Events at primary airports are coordinated through the FAA Airports District Office Program Manager.

To ease in the review or coordination of a request to conduct a non-aeronautical event at a state block grant airport, an application process has been developed for sponsor use. The application is based in large part on FAA Resource Bulletin guidance for General Requirements for Temporarily Closing an Obligated Airport for Non-Aeronautical Special Events and will also serve as a certification that the sponsor is in full compliance of all grant assurances during the progress of the event.


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