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Don't Drink & Ride

39% of motorcyclists killed in a fatal crash had a BAC of .01 or above. Riding responsibly is a choice every rider must make. Alcohol consumption impairs your thinking, reasoning, and muscle coordination—all vital abilities to riding a motorcycle safely. Please ride responsibly.

Driving under the influence is a crime. In addition to safety concerns, there are severe legal penalties and economic consequences.

Consequences of a DUI conviction could include:

  • Loss of work time
  • High-risk auto insurance rates
  • Meeting requirements of the Secretary of State’s Department of Administrative Hearings to obtain a restricted driving permit
  • Completion of an alcohol and drug evaluation, alcohol/drug remedial education course and/or a substance abuse treatment program before driving privileges are reinstated
  • Use of a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) for first-time DUI offenders during their entire suspension period

Visit the Illinois Secretary of State's website for more information on DUI penalties