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Innovative Project Delivery

The Illinois Department of Transportation (the “Department” or “IDOT”) continually seeks innovative solutions to meet the growing transportation needs of Illinois. The Bureau of Innovative Project Delivery (“IPD Bureau”) was established in 2016 to identify, evaluate, and develop projects that may benefit from innovative approaches, including the use of various forms of project delivery allowable under law including:

The Department’s mission is to provide safe, cost-effective transportation for Illinois in ways that enhance quality of life, promote economic prosperity, and demonstrate respect for our environment, guided by the principles of safety, integrity, responsiveness, quality, and innovation. These business objectives are an integral part of the Department’s and the IPD Bureau’s planning processes. When implemented, the business objectives noted below will assist the IPD Bureau in the development and delivery of the IPD Program and help the Department deliver transportation infrastructure projects and services utilizing innovative methods as compared to the traditional design-bid-build program. The IPD Bureau’s program development will be guided by the following:

Vision: The IPD Program will enable the State of Illinois (the “State”) to be a national leader in the use of innovative project delivery and will facilitate partnerships with private industry and local communities to meet the transportation infrastructure needs of the State in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The IPD Bureau will also aggressively pursue creative and innovative project delivery, asset management, and financing alternatives not otherwise available to the State in an effort to quickly deliver transportation infrastructure options that improve mobility and communicate openly with stakeholders.

Mission: The IPD Bureau will be the trusted advisor to the Department’s decision-makers on all matters related to innovative project delivery and the IPD Program and will assist the Department in delivering successful projects through innovative methods in order to provide the best value to the State.

The utilization of innovative project delivery methods can achieve some or all of the following:

  • More choices in funding, including the use of user fees, value capture, and other project revenues.
  • More choices in financing, including the use of private debt that is non-recourse to the State.
  • Access to federal financial resources intended to support innovative projects.
  • Accelerated project delivery.
  • Greater and/or earlier cost certainty and cost efficiency.
  • Improved life cycle costs, quality, and accountability.
  • DBE outreach and awareness
  • Enhanced asset management throughout the asset life.
  • Innovative traffic management, reducing congestion and improving mobility.
  • Minimizing impacts to environment and adjacent communities.