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Vehicle Compliance Programs

IDOT administers motor carrier, hazardous materials and vehicle inspections (including school buses and trailers) compliance programs to further ensure safety on Illinois roadways.

For more information, please view the Transportation RegulationsState Statute and the list of Official Testing Stations.

Motor Carrier Program

The motor carrier program is a compliance program encompassing segments of an industry engaged in commercial vehicle operations in Illinois. This program conducts compliance reviews, safety audits and commercial motor vehicle inspections to attain an acceptable level of compliance with both state and federal motor carrier regulations. IDOT partners with the Illinois State Police to conduct the commercial motor vehicle inspections and public information and education outreach. To learn more information, please visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

Hazardous Materials

The hazardous materials program is a compliance program encompassing segments of industry engaged in the shipment and highway transport of hazardous materials in Illinois to attain an acceptable level of compliance with hazardous materials transportation regulations. To learn more, please visit Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration website.

Truck Inspections

IDOT administers the vehicle inspection program to ensure that second division vehicles are in safe operating condition and that vehicle inspection stations and personnel comply with program regulations. Approximately 260 Illinois Official Testing Stations perform interstate and intrastate truck, trailer and rebuilt inspections. Annually there are approximately 400,000 conducted vehicle inspections in Illinois.

School Bus Inspections

IDOT is responsible for regulating and overseeing both scheduled and nonscheduled school bus inspections (e.g., roughly 60,000 are performed annually). Scheduled inspections are conducted at approximately 250 Illinois Official Testing Stations located across the state and are performed by Certified Safety Testers. In addition to these scheduled inspections, nonscheduled inspections are conducted by IDOT vehicle inspectors and are performed wherever a school bus may be stored or parked.