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Based on the source of funding the advertisement procedure differentiates. For Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) or state funding the 'Local Advertisement' process applies, for federal funding the 'State Advertisement' process applies.

Bridge Notice

No Current Notices

Locally Advertised Projects

All local-let projects financed with MFT or state funds must be advertised for letting in IDOT’s Notice to Contractor Bulletin. IDOT requires no additional public notice; however, this does not relieve the LPA from complying with the state law concerning these advertisements. LPA’s must comply with the requirements as stated in the Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Manual.

How To Proceed

Requirements and process based on the type of funds of the Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Manual:
Chapter 12: Letting and Contract Award Section 2: Invitation for Bids-Local Let Projects


State Advertised Projects

If projects are funded through federal funds, projects must be advertised through the State Transportation Bulletin. All potential bidders must be prequalified in the appropriate work categories. 

How to Proceed

Please review Chapter 24: Letting and Contract Award to familiarize yourself with the rules and process.

All requirements are stated on Construction website.

Need Help?

Any questions regarding advertising construction projects should be directed to the appropriate district office of local roads and streets.

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