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Contractors Bulletin

The Notice to Contractors Bulletin is a service to Local Public Agencies (LPAs) to advertise LPA let construction, maintenance, and material contracts. The bulletin provides details to the contractor and material supplier in order to prepare and submit their bid.

Current Contractors Bulletin

Notice to Contractors Bulletin

Last Update: June 20, 2024

Please note the following while reviewing the Notice of Contractors Bulletin, it is in three parts:

  • Part I: Shows a list of all Sections, which were advertised in previous bulletins. Non-federal projects are advertised at least for two weeks and federal jobs are advertised for three weeks.
  • Part II: Shows the letting details for Sections appearing in the bulletin for the first time (or second time if Federal Aid is involved or LPA request). As Sections are added for advertising each week, they will print in this portion of the bulletin.
  • Part III: Shows all Sections that have awarded contracts since the previous bulletin.

Archived Bulletins


Each project advertised in the Notice to Contractors Bulletin contains information on where to obtain plans and proposals as well as the date, time, and location of the list letting. Proposals are available as noted whether it be obtained at the office of the local agency advertising for bids or going to a website for requirements. The plans and proposals are each a call for bids containing all requirements governing the letting and performance of the particular contract including but not limited to any applicable requirements for the payment of prevailing rates of wages for labor are required by law.

Need Help?

Any questions regarding individual plans and proposals should be directed to the local agency advertising for bids.

Awards and Compliance

Awarding a Contract

After bids are read and the lowest responsible bidder is determined, the LPA will initiate the award of the project within 45 days after the letting. If a contract is not awarded within 45 days after the opening of proposals, the low bidder may file a written request to the LPA for the withdrawal of their bid without penalty.

Once IDOT concurs in the award of the project, the LPA will send the contract to the low bidder for execution. The contract and contract bond must be executed by the successful bidder and returned to the LPA within 15 days after the contract has been mailed.

If the contract is not executed by the LPA within 15 days following the receipt from the bidder of the properly executed contracts and bonds, the bidder has the right to withdraw their bid without penalty.

After contract execution, a pre-construction conference is set up with the LPA, IDOT district personnel, and the contractor.

Awards and Compliance

The contractor must communicate and work with the Local Agency to ensure all compliance is met once the project is awarded.