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BDE Procedure Memorandums

The BDE Manual is an on-line only PDF publication and its content is updated on an ongoing basis. To aid users in keeping track of revisions and understanding their background, BDE PMs are posted on this webpage; however, the associated policy revisions are contained in the relevant chapter(s) of the manual itself. 

Disposition of BDE PMs

Memo Subject Issued         
Memo Disposition of BDE PMs (2002 - 2010)  


memo Subject Issued

memo Subject Issued

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The BDE Procedure Memorandums are issued to aid users in keeping track of revisions to the BDE Manual and understanding their background.

To receive updates related to the BDE Manual and BDE Procedure Memorandums through the free subscription service, click on the link below and send the blank email that pops up. (Do not add anything to the subject line or to the body of the email). Directions for unsubscribing are included with each email notification.

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