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Agency Alert

Welcome to the new IDOT home page.  Our location has changed, please update any bookmarks.


Contractors and subcontractors seeking procurement opportunities can find the required information to do business with IDOT by navigating the Construction webpage. 

  • Contractor's Prequalification: This section outlines the process on how to gain prequalification status, make changes and updates to your information, and also how to renew. It also provides a list of current prequalified firms.
  • Subcontractors: This section outlines the role and responsibilities of subcontractors as it relates to department projects.
  • Construction Bulletins: This section contains the Transportation Bulletin (state) and the Contractor's Bulletin (local), both bulletins have unique sets of process for:
    • Submitting a Bid state/local: this section outlines the process for submitting a bid along with specialized information needed when developing the bid. 
    • Award Process State/Local: this section outlines the award process and the laws that govern it and how the selection is communicated to the public.
  • Contractor's Resources: This section organizes all the required forms, manuals and guides needed to comply with agency policies and standards and necessary to fulfill the firm's contractual obligation.

In an effort to consistently improve and enhance communications with the industry partners, we are featuring the Contractors Stay Connected section which provides a list of all subscription services available to this audience along with specialized information.