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Metals & Miscellaneous

Contractual metals and miscellaneous materials used in the State’s highway construction and maintenance programs are required by both the Federal Highway Administration and the State of Illinois Departmental Policy. In addition to materials testing the Department has several certification/qualification/approval programs requiring field inspection either at the manufacturing location or the job site. Metals and Miscellaneous focuses on: steel reinforcement, welded wire reinforcement, epoxy coated reinforcement, chemical adhesives, nuts – bolts – washers, bearing pads (elastomeric, disk and fabric), geotextiles, 7 wire pre-stress strand, aluminum, HDPE pipe, PVC pipe, polypropylene pipe, joint fillers/sealers, miscellaneous materials. Below you will find: specifications, policy memorandums, guides and manuals, materials integrated system for test information and communication (MISTIC) reports and approved/qualified product lists for the materials that qualify, all of which are updated on an ongoing basis.

Refer to Part II Material Group Details of the Manual for Materials Inspection to determine the material requirements for metals and miscellaneous materials.