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Pilot Registration

Pilots who reside in Illinois are required to register their federal certificate with the state for a minimal fee. According to Section 14.300 of the Aviation Safety Administrative Rule, 92 Illinois Administrative Code 14, no person shall engage in the operation of aircraft in Illinois unless current and qualified under 14 CFR 61, effective October 1, 2002. (See also, Illinois Aeronautics Act, Section 43) Notable exemptions to pilot registration include military pilots (who only fly government aircraft), non-solo student pilots, pilots flying aircraft exclusively engaged in interstate or foreign commerce, and non-Illinois residents lawfully registered in their home state. For additional information please contact the IDOT Division of Aeronautics or access the Illinois Aeronautics Act, Section 44.

Registration and Fees

Note: IDOT PDF forms can be opened directly when using Internet Explorer. If using a different web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox), right-click the form link and select “Save link as…” to download a working copy.  PDF forms are currently not compatible with mobile or Apple (iOS) devices.

All holders of Federal Airman Certificates engaged in the operation of aircraft in Illinois shall complete an Application for Registration of Federal Airman Certificate: AER 1967

(PRINTABLE VERSION - Application for Registration of Federal Airman Certificate: AER 1967)

form within 30 days after establishing residency in Illinois.  Each completed application shall contain at least the same information that is shown on the Federal Airman Certificate, including all ratings attached to the certificate.


The one-time fee for the registration of each Federal Airman Certificate is $20.00. Remittance shall be payable to the State Treasurer of Illinois and shall be included at the time the application for registration is submitted. (See Illinois Aeronautics Act, Section 42.)

Certificate Issuance

A Certificate of Registration, with no expiration date, will be mailed to the registrant as soon as possible.


Pilot Registration Renewals can be completed by mail or by accessing the  Illinois Pilot & Plane Registration system.


The Federal Airman Certificate and the division’s Certificate of Registration shall be kept in the personal possession of the pilot when he/she is operating an aircraft in Illinois. Both certificates must be presented for inspection upon demand by any passenger, any peace officer of this state, any officer or authorized employee or designee of the division, or any official, manager or person in charge of any airport or restricted landing area in Illinois upon which the airman lands. (See Illinois Aeronautics Act, Section 45.)
In the event of loss, mutilation, correction (e.g., name change) or destruction of a Certificate of Registration, an airman may obtain a duplicate from the division upon notifying the division in writing and submitting a payment of $3.00 to the State Treasurer of Illinois.

Pilot Resources

  • The following is an Airport Directory to provide general information for VFR flying that may be useful to a pilot in planning a flight or in communicating with a particular airport. (Please note it is not intended to be relied upon as a completely accurate depiction of existing airport conditions, but as a reference.)
  • Registration of aircraft is required for all aircraft owners residing in Illinois and their aircraft. Please navigate to Aircraft Registration to learn more.
  • To view customized aeronautical related quick links please navigate to Airport Sponsors

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